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Inspired by a small skirmish i had with a human who is on the Legions 'BURN list', Fun battle so i thought id write a little story on it. Redkam09! Special thanks to you for a cool battle!

Kramps End

The swamps were always a favourite of kramps as the area suited him perfectly, He was a large ogre and well trained by the orcs of the desert region, A proud member of the bloodied eye tribe. He could tell that the humies were close.. He could smell their stink in the distance. Even a small scouting party would not be tolerated this far into orc turf!

Kramps smelled the air yes.. they were close now. An orc marauder ran up to kramps, The other orcs had not been very happy to be under kramps' command but he can proven his strength in battle many times. Kramps was a true veteran of the legion.

'Krampy! Humies spotted to north! In posi- .. Positi... uhh.. WE READY! Do we atta- OOOFFF'

The marauders sentance was cut short as kramps club came down upon his head crushing the orc in one swift and brutal act of club 'finesse'.

'IT KRAMPS!! KRAMPS KRAMPS KRAMPS! All orc, in line! We charge smelly humies!'

Kramps swiftly pulled his large and now slightly sticky club from the swamp ground where the orc had been... Now submerged in the swamp up to his neck. Kramps took his warhorn made from the finest humie bones and took a deep breath, He blew into it as a loud shrieking cry was sounded. The warcries of the orcs sounded in unison as they charged forward towards the north...

The commander of the human force looked around suddenly, A shrieking sound was heard mixed with the ever louder sound of warcries of 'WAAGGGGHH!'. They had been found.. or rather.. smelled, Orcs tended to have a good sense of smell it seemed. he drew his sword.

'Men! We have been discovered! Swordsmen to the front, Archers behind!' - Commander

The men quickly followed the orders without question, They were new recruits most of them and some seemed to be a little shaken at the shrieking sound of the warhorn. The commander did not blame them as even he would never get used to that sound, The sound of death.

'Steady Men! STEADY!' - Commander

At last the beasts came into sight, Orc infrantry charging accross the swamp shouting and snarling eager to shed human blood.

'Archers...Loose!' - Commander

A hail of arrows erupted from the archers slashing down upon the orc ranks, Many fell but many more still were coming, There were so many.

'Archers! Fire at will men! Make every arrow count! Take those beasts down! Swordsmen! Lock shields! Here they come!' - Commander

Time seemed to slow down for a moment for the commander, As the orcs slammed into the swordsmen shields and blades, Screams of agony and horror were heard as his men fought the beasts, And yet more were coming they could not keep this up forever and to the distance he spotted orc archers lining up. How these beasts could draw a bow was beyond the commander but they were a big threat no matter.

'Archers! Pick your targets! take down those enemy archers!' - Commander

The commander froze suddenly, Did he just hear something... a growl? a bark? As realization set in he screamied to his men.

'WAAAARRRGGS!! Watch the flank!' - Commander

He looked around to see them, many many packs of wargs charging across the swamp to his forces flank bloodthisrty and savage. The orc ifnantry had taken heavy losses, surely this would have to end? he saw another one of his men taken down by orc steel. The commander nodded to himself and held his sword high.

'For the city of Normandy.... FOR NORMANDY!!' - commander

He charged forth into the thick of battle, Swinging his sword in well practiced arks, taking down orc after orc, The men seemed boosted by his battlecry and the fact of fighting beside their commander.

However as the battle went on more losses were sustained and many of his men had been cut down buy the savage monsters, As he cut down his 10th orc the commander had a small chance to look at the battlefield, Men and orc lay dead in the bloodied swamp ground as the battle still raged. He looked down in sadness. These monsters had to be defeated once and for all, for humankind..

the shireking horn was heard once more, cutting through the air as the ground began to shake slightly, The commander only had a split second, as he quickly move to the side as a large club just missed his head. The ogre was huge.. The commander took a quick breath, Most of his forces had been killed and now only he and a few of his recruits remained.

'Gaah.. Listen here monster! If im going down, Im going to bluddy well take your worthless hide with me!' - Commander

The commander charged the ogre as they fought hard, The battle waged for what seemed like hours, As fatigue started to set in on the commander, Suddenly the ogre finally made a mistake, H elunged forward swinging his club down upon the commander. With his last ounce of stamina the commander quickly dodged to the side and planted his sword into the ogres chest.

The ogre slumped and swayed for a moment before he calapsed into a heap on the swampy floor thick blood leaking from the sword wound. The commander slumped to the ground on his knees also al his energy gone and his wounds burning fierce it took all his might to look up, Only to see the remaining orc archers firing a volley towards him. His men were dead..

'For mankind... For..normandy..'

The arrows hit home and the commander fell to the floor dead next to the large ogres body, the battleground was a true mess of orc and human bodies, A single tear slipped down the commanders cheek.

The war will come to mankind.. The commander an his men would just be the first to die against the legion. Blood and battle lies ahead for Mythador.. the outcome no one can possibly forsee except many lives lost on both sides.


The End

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sweet.We should a few battles too,to see how you describe the ''Demons on hellish beasts with horns'' :D

10-10-2011, 02:21 AM
Lol that was a good game mate but.it was more of a massacre On my side:confused:

:D and I lost all my units but the death of kramps was funny

great story overall mate :D And keep writing!!!!.