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10-07-2011, 04:04 AM
Was wondering what you guys though on this idea, Its inspired by Majesty : Fantasy kingdom Sim. Basicly its a new building for each race called Tournement Grounds (Human), Arena (Orc), Fairgrounds (Elf).

Basicly this building would allow you to 'host' Tournements / Contests for your units to take part in.. The building would also give a small gold trickle from the peasants that pay to go and watch. This building you basicly send units in to by selecting them and double clicking the Arena etc, Units who take part in these contests then gain experience points. Maybe even your hero can take part.. (Since he can be a chore to level for those who dont have much play time)

However.. You can only use the grounds when you 'hold' a tournament which would cost something, since it gives a gold trickle i would think 1 crown to hold a tournement would be reasonable..

Basicly 1 crown is valuable, but the training your troops can recieve could level them further then the training grounds in the city.

A unit can only gain 1 level max per tournament, An only levels units from 1-8 it doesnt go over level 8, they would need REAL combat experience to get higher then level 8.

A good tactic would be to train them in an npc city till 4-5 then hit the tournement.

Basicly this would help replace your army quicker and get more pvp going in the game, I know losing your army is hard, and i know it doesnt take to long to replace, however leveling them is always a chore at times. (Especially melee)

It is similar to the city training yes.. differences being it costs wealth to hold a tournement since the level gain cap is higher, And it also costs gold to 'pay' for the units entry when you enter them into the tourny.

It is an expensive endevour but worth it id say to keep your units in top form. An get them back out there to fight orks quicker! :D

10-07-2011, 04:26 AM
i love your idea, i had a similiar idea but wasnt sure if i should post it. but tournaments sounds fun, thought perhaps wouldnt it be better to have that npc cities, and lett people fight eachother there with small units aka 3 vs 3 in real time combat)

personally i figured somewhat similiar thou racial different and that it wouldnt cost any coin.

Human: training ground: passivly trains unit(s) thats its assigned for slowly over time time (w
ill auto train other units once its finished on one) (slowly passively over time)

orc: blood pit: Two units are made to fight eachother to the death. victory comes out with a decent bag of xp, the other unit dies. (high speed)

elf: meditation ground: One highly experienced unit can "train" boost other assigned units to itself. they can reach its level -2 over time (medium speed)

10-07-2011, 08:00 AM
I support it.I have too many trees that are free anyways

10-09-2011, 09:43 AM
Arenas would be good.