View Full Version : Attack Move

10-06-2011, 10:34 AM
The button is bugged quite a bit. Very often I have sent my archers with attack move to have half of them start shooting at the enemy while the other half proceeded to walk towards them.

I also noticed, that when you select a group of units, and one half has attack move selected, while the other has not, pressing the button should make them all do the same however it does not, it just switches them up (the one half that had it activated has it now deactivated and vice versa).

Furthermore units that have been ordered an attack move, will once they run into enemies, kill them but then stop where they are and not go to the spot i ordered them.

It also feels to me as if the button would spontaneously deactivate and/or units continue to move even though attack move is activated.

The easiest solution would be a button like most other RTS games use to order an attack move to a certain spot. in general hotkeys would be welcome.