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10-04-2011, 03:36 AM
This game is in a sorry state =( I know its probably not the Dev's fault, publishers force release sometimes, I just hope it isn't in financial trouble, as this game has promise once the many bugs are ironed out. Aside from the obvious bugs which are likely already reported, here is some constructive info on how to make your game feel a lot more polished. The following controls are pretty much standard in every RTS game and would go a mile towards making the game feel more polished than it currently is.

These apply to in battle functions -

CTRL KEY FUNCTIONS - When holding down the CTRL key do the following:

*When a group of units is selected, DE-SELECT the unit clicked with Left Mouse when clicked on the map view.
*When a group of units is selected, DE-SELECT the unit clicked with Left Mouse when the PORTRAIT is clicked

Notes: Currently doing either of these performs a standard left mouse click action. If this function is actually taken care of by another key, and I just haven't realised, you should most likely just make this the default control scheme as this is RTS industry standard.


*When double left clicking a portrait, select that unit only if part of a group, otherwise, centre camera on unit.
*When single left clicking a portrait, view that units stats/abilities/level up points.

Notes: These 2 sometimes appear to have the intended behaviour, however, most often do not work this way, may just be related to bugs.

10-04-2011, 06:18 AM
There are other functions also, usually relating to the portraits, that are missed out or buggy, feel free to add them if you notice them, i'll try and add more later.