View Full Version : Elven Residence Trickles

10-03-2011, 11:36 PM
Not sure if the different trickles are working properly or not, but every trickle for Elven Housing, says it's a Food Trickle, even if it shows wood/stone/gold or whatever =).

10-04-2011, 07:13 AM
I second this issue. It says food for all three options and when you click on say wood, you don't see any improvements to your wood gathering.

Konstantin Fomenko
10-04-2011, 11:49 AM
It works correctly, this is an issue with wrong words used, we`ll fix this in the near future.

10-04-2011, 12:32 PM
It works correctly, this is an issue with wrong words used, we`ll fix this in the near future.

I don't think it works at all. I have it set to wood and even though I have the max amount of houses you can have, my wood income never changes from about 5 wood per minute. Also, it shows +0 income for wood from the houses.


Is this a UI bug? Hopefully it's just a UI bug and it really does work, but I don't know.

10-04-2011, 02:46 PM
Yah after further investigation with it, it shows 0 wood income for me too, and the other incomes don't show at all for trickleing. It's setup in a way where you'd think what you select would cause a trickle, but it's only showing up in Food and Wood, and only seems to be working for food, albiet the wrong wording =)

10-04-2011, 05:17 PM
I find that they are always set to food when I login no matter where I had them set before.

Konstantin Fomenko
10-04-2011, 09:12 PM
Ok Thanks for confirming this guys, forwarding this to scripters.

11-27-2012, 03:11 PM
This still hasnt been fixed. The resource rate breakdown is reading +0 from residence.

Konstantin Fomenko
11-28-2012, 10:02 AM
Thanks for the reminder, we`ll aim to have this fixed in the next patch.

06-05-2013, 01:13 AM
The Elven Residence tool tips for Gold and Wood still have the description text that reads "Toggle all residences to Food trickle", instead of "... to Gold trickle", or "...to Wood trickle".