View Full Version : Bugs/Suggestions I've found in the last 3 days

10-03-2011, 08:12 PM
Major bugs:
Orc Quests - Kings Orc 1 and 2 crash to desktop, the quest before that one (forgot the name) would also crash to desktop, but worked this afternoon.

I think this was fixed in patch v1.02, but the Main hut went nuetral when the Hero left the town, I saw a post about it somewhere else, but noone knew how to re-create it.

Orcs and Humans randomly stop chopping wood, both have issues (probably pathing) which say workers are idle that are currently working, but I notice sometimes they get split up, which is why I think pathing is the cause, and I know you have plans to fix that in the future.

Minor bugs:
akkada should be Makkada if I'm hearing the orcs right, and it also doesn't have a capitol letter like the other cities, so possible MAP typo ;0?

Major bugs:
Human Quests "Expunging the Cankar 1-2, and Persuit of the Wizard" will not complete even after killing all enemies, no victory.

During the last patch (SERVER GOING DOWN) message, I had just finished making an army, oddly enough I think my army doubled, as I still had my units in the army, but also back at my castle?

While transporting 1500 wood as human, I reached a town to sell it, and crashed as soon as I entered the town, upon logging back in, the wood was gone. I'm 100% sure I had the wood on me, and I'm 100% sure I didn't move it back to my city or another army, or sell it for that matter.

Ok let me start with some computer specs, Core i7 920, nVidia GTX580, Velociraptor hard drive.
I have minor lag in my castle/city, it runs almost perfect there, on quests I seem to have moderate lag to high lag, I lose major frames but it's playable, however things become a bit more clear when I view army and look for a fight in an open field, this is where I noticed something was wrong for sure.
In an open field just loading takes a long time, the game lags several times as it's hovering over the castles/groups of enemies in that region, and then I get a good 30 second lag when I get to my army. Every time I move, and basically every 30 seconds to a minute thru the whole fight, I will lag up for 30 seconds or more, I think it's CPU lag for several reasons and here's why.
First off the timer stops dead when the lag happens (the map timer), my sound also seems to play the sames 2 seconds of music over, and over, and over, and over. I can't click on anything, including the chat window during the whole time I'm lagging, yet oddly my mouse works flawlessly. During these lag spikes I got a CTRL-ALT-DEL off during one of them, which showed at least one of my cores spiking like crazy while this was happening. I ran several hardware monitors to check for heat issues on my CPU and GPU, and cleaned all my fans, since things act like this due to heat. All my maxed heat for CPU/GPU was well withen range. I've also tried setting High/Medium/Low settings for my Video in game, and it doesn't seem to matter. I'd like to try to disable shadows etc all-together to test but that's not an option in this game, in any event, FPS is a MAJOR issue for me in world fighting modes, as well as PVP, especially when there's multiple huge armies, yet towns don't affect me. I also tried updating my video drivers etc, if anyone else has any ideas please advise, it's making me insane since I can't quest, and fighting in view is useless it's too laggy for me, so I'm at a total standstill =/.

Make a tutorial for the WORLD MAP, the quests say make an army and go trade etc, but without major help from the community most people are completely lost.

Make quest mobs (Peasants people etc) that walk into your city glow, or do something out of the normal. There have been several occasions (especially with the human peasants that show up in town) where I though the game was broke, but I just had a quest to update!

Thanks for a great game, good luck with all the fixes =) Especially the FPS/CPU issue I'm having!

Konstantin Fomenko
10-03-2011, 09:21 PM
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah looks like something is very wrong with the View mode - we`ll look into it.