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10-03-2011, 02:29 PM
The most amazing battle ever was between me and Sunleader. This is one of the heroes of the humans. Here is how the glorious Sunleader beat me and why he picked this name.

Arkantos was looking at the sky. He was thinking of the place where he could bury the humans after the fight. He knew the fight would be just like the others and was more concerned on the unicorns that were populating his lands and the wood spirits that were old. This is the only thing that counted for him. He slayed without mercy hundreds of thousand of humans without even blinking and yet he was concerned about wood spirits.

It was pouring and yet this demonic elf was ready to face the one of the human leader who was the only one standing between the poor people of Rolling Plains and destruction. Sunleader, the great commander of the humans was positioning his army while thinking what would happen if he failed. This brave human heard many people telling him about this Satanic being riding on an unicorn and leading a destructive small army of mounted Grand Masters who smashed hundreds of human commanders in only a few minutes. He was for the first time in his life scared, not for his life, but because a small mistake would doom the humanity .However, he was ready

The battle started as always. Arkantos rushed his mounted GM toward Sunleader's army with hate while screaming out loud a spell which made them even faster. Sunleader was impressed by their speed but his fear came when the raiders not only pierced his army,but went after the rangers and smashed them into pieces. Those barbaric being left thousands of bodies behind them while they were using their short swords to cut the archers into pieces. As always, Arkantos was winning. The forces of Sunleader was fighting to the death but they were too disorganized after Arkantos' insane charge. They were shocked by the speed with of those elves and the great mastery they had with short swords. The result was obvious .

Suddenly, Sunleader screamed and showed his real form. A powerful light blinded everyone and stopped the battle for a few seconds. When it was gone,Sunleader was not there anymore,but an angel wearing an amazing armor made of gold fabricated by the gods . He was wearing a longsword filled with rubies and had an amazing Shield which pictured Daigbor. He looked toward Arkantos, who was filled with terror and right away the elves started running back. However Sunleader merely pointed with his sword toward the elves and a lighting stroked all of them. He had defeated the elves with a single pointing and had saved the humanity from the biggest creature that had entered the human lands. The soldiers were cheering him and when they went back home, they erected a huge statue in Sunleader's honor.

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Someone is smoking to much wacky tobacky....

10-04-2011, 09:52 AM
Someday you will find the elves, with the great human hero, Xeovy.
The drums of war sounded.
A funeral song.
announcing the defeat of the army elf.

10-05-2011, 08:22 AM
Somehow the Rumors about me are getting worse ......