View Full Version : City Bank/rescoures buildings

10-03-2011, 12:44 PM
Ok so i did search, came up empty so here we go through this HAPPY PLACE together.

Ok first off i know that if you just build more houses and storage space upgrades you get more storage space which helps with resources and gold.
So why not add a City Bank, holds up to 20k of gold without peasants stealing it from you and put some high cost upgrades to it to hold a bit more gold. I know you guys dont want gold hoarders with unlimited gold in thier coffers but like i said only 20k, maybe 30k with upgrades. Then for people that build more then one hoping to hold a few 100k make it so banks dont stack, each new bank holds 50% less then the one before it.
Right now i can only hold like 4,500 Gold, still need to buy a landplot upgrade and buy more houses. So i can still hold more then the 4k i have now, i was just thinking of how a bank would help with the gold storage area of the game. Plus it would add a new build to make the city look nice.

The only other thing i was thinking of was to be able to build buildings designed to hold one kind of resource (so one for food, one for wood and one for stone). Each holding an extra 10k or 15k of resources plus have some upgrades to get a make of 15k or 20k. With each new building holding, again, 50% less then the one before it. So the first of each resource building(food,wood,stone) holds the 10k or 15k. Again it would also add somthin new to the cities to look at and what not.
or make it to were you can only build one of each, same with city bank.

This would also help re-coop from a huge battle loss, seems to be what people are worried about.
If any of these ideas have been brought up before my mistake, i did do a forum search and came up empty. So just throwing out a few ideas. Hope i didnt word this in a bad way to confuse people, if i did my bad.