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10-03-2011, 11:38 AM
This is a break off from the other thread for morale, Sorry if its been suggested before but i think it could be cool to have a brainstorm about.

Commander Units

This group of units have been given a great honor by their lord, And thus have been promoted to a 'higher' station in the chain of command, Second only to the lord / leader of the city these units after great service or heroism have been granted a large role.

The ceremony or route in promoting them to commanders is an expensive one, they cost a fair bit of gold.. you know.. new armor, new weapons.. maybe that house theyve always wanted on the outskirts..

So anyway a few bits and piece i was thinking of are as follows :

-Commander units when promoted (Any fighting unit, Macemen or swordsmen etc etc) Gain special abilities.
-You are limited to a certain amount of commander units via research / town size.
-A new building perhaps? For research regarding commander units, 'Command center' or 'officers lounge'maybe.
-They are tougher then regular units, More hp, damage and stamina

A few abilities you could reseach for your commanders..

Human : (Balanced commander units)

Glory to the lord : The units encourage nearby units reminding them to who they fight for, Boosting nearby units movemnt speed and damage.
Medic : Commander units can be trained in a little know how of healing, And thus gain a 'mass heal' type ability
Courage : The commander units inspire nearby units to fight on even when against units that may be strong against their own unit type, Thus gaining a bonus to defense.

Orc : (Offensive commander units)

Frenzy : The commader units go into a rage, increasing their damage and movement speed (Self buff only)
Mass Frenzy : Same as above except the damage buff is lower but effects nearby troops, Same movement speed increase. (Stacks with Frenzy)
Crazed Assault : the commnder signals all nearby units to all out assault the enemy with all their strength, This ability only effects other units, not the commanders. Increases damage by a fair amount but drains troops stamina every second.

Elf (Defensive commander units)

War Dance : The elves dont dance no... However the commander units take on a defensive stance greatly reducing damage taken (self buff only)
Healing Shower : What are elves without a bit of magic? Commander units conjure a magical shower of healing rain which heals all units every second and restores a small portion of stamina.
Mass Shield : This elven ability is for those fights where you wish youd run away, The commanders conjure a magicla shield over all nearby units which lasts a short time and drains stamina instead of health when those units are hit.

Just a few examples i came up with.

As for the commnder units being promoted they must be level 10, And maybe a promoted unit in this way can infact gain a higher level, Perhaps commander units can get an increase in their level cap? 20?

As i say though commander units would be limited, you wouldnt have an army of them :D and if they get killed well, it would be a great blow to the player as when they die.. they dead and you have to invest gold to promote another unit and level them up again.

Of course this is all just a suggestion and if anyone wants to chip in with a comment go for it, Credit to the guy in the morale thread though Nimiria, for first suggesting a commander type unit. Im just following on from that.

If morale was introduced of course, these units would have an even greater responsibility, As for the offensive / defensive / balanced thing i just thought that would add a little difference between commander units. Commander units would remain the same unit type however.. If you promoted macemen, the macemen would still weild maces (All be it a lot tougher and more resiliant) but still may have trouble against their most feared unit type.

Again sorry if its been suggested before

Anyone got any ideas?