View Full Version : Where is thy save button :/

10-03-2011, 10:46 AM
Started a new online game as humans, was doing well. Good econ boom and just teching up. Placed down a merchant, and blacksmith before i went to bed. Woke up and popped on for a bit to look at my kingdom. All the work i did was gone, no resources, no 90 pop, no techs, and my 2 buildings were gone. What the heck?

Ok no biggie only lost a few hrs. Ill start from what i have. So this time i spend a few more hours. I have tons of peasants, making 40-45 per resource, a lot of techs, and before i log off i put down a calvary, barracks, market, and blacksmith. Sold all my resources to allow room for when im not online.

Log back in 5-6 hours later............. What the heck! Right back to the same position i was in before. All resources, tech, buildings are gone. Peasants are just standing around near the main building.

Rubberband, reset, rollback?

Anyone else having this problem? Hate to even try again as i have already lost a good bit of time. THought this game carried on for you when you were logged off? Give me a save button :mad:

Also does anyone have a link for how thinks work, units stats, what units can i get from what building? Manual with game is lacking. No info on game mechanics, units, or anything :/ I want to try out elfs but have nio clue what does what.