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10-03-2011, 05:42 AM
I know we must wait at last other 2/3 weeks to get the game in a real better state.
But actually, the Cloning issue is bad, bad, bad.
It kills all the fun in the game.

This game is a "wish to grow" gameplay, and this all vanish if u can double your army just with a frenzy click on "garrison" button.

My personal experience:

I work hard (and it is fun) to grow.
Start building some units.
Bring them to capital to get lvl (and all the gathering money and resources to pay the training).
So, i raise my nice army to get my first siege in "Kill thy neighbour" mission.
2 Kinghts, 3 swordsmen, 2 alberiers, 3 archers and 2 crossbowmen, plus 2 Trebuchet i bought in Dagbor!

I move toward the quest location and i crossed the border.

As soon as it happens, a PvP screen open: a fight!!!
I encounter a SWARM of heavy ELF cavalry, even mounted archers.

They Literally walk over my entire army, annihilating it out in less than 20 secs.

I feel the world crush on me...

One player explain me that since PVP battles give precious IP, no matter if u win (a bit more IP) or lose (a bit less).
So he told me i made a noob move to walk there with my nice-siege-quest army.

He suggest me to clone cavalry, no matter if it's lvl 1 units (since it's so easy to do that) , and go in other region to play PvP.
No tactic, no strategy, no need to win. Just rush at enemy army and get IP (that are the most important thing ingame, because you always need them and noone wants to pay real money for them if there is a free way to make loads of IP).

I thought i worked hard to make a legal army, but there is no point in that since u encounter 99% of the times Uber-cloned armies made of swarm of their best units (cav).

More, the cloning lover get loads of IP, so why people should hard earn a few of them making quests?

Last thought: i dunno if there will be a server reset (i think it will be unfair to paying customers to make a reset due to game bugs) but this way we will have a lot of Uber players roaming the world with their exploited invincible armirs all for free.

Despite all the minor bug, i love this game, but the yesterday experience kill my will to play.
Should i stay legal in a world of smart exploiters?
Should i start exploit too?
And where is the fun in that?

Jarno Montonen
10-03-2011, 05:57 AM
Hey, after the last patch it shouldn't be possible anymore to form more of those armies that clone units but the bugged armies stayed bugged. We should definately have this fully fixed in the next patch (today)!

If anyone who didn't have cloning happening before the last patch have had it happen after it, please let us know.

What comes to the long term advantage gained from this bug I don't think that's going to be anything major. With large (cloned) armies you're going have larger pvp battles which cause more casualties than smaller battles. So time should fix this. Also the last patch auto removed battalions in cloned armies so that no army was able to have battalions over it's battalion cap.

Also, it's kind of true that you might not want to take an army to the field that can't defend itself, unless you bring a lot of resources with it so you can pay off the possible attacker.

Sorry for the bad experience you had :(

10-03-2011, 06:26 AM
Thx a lot for answer, it helps my morale!
I'll wait this patch then, as a gift for all legal, true supporter of this game.

Tempation to clone units (it still work for sure) is really strong atm for the majority of gamers that simply don't wanna show theirselves as "noob losers" just because they love to die legally instead of winning easlity by exploit.

Pls fix this game fast and it will be a great experience!

Konstantin Fomenko
10-03-2011, 11:42 AM
To confirm we have the final fix - it`ll part of tonight`s patch. Cloning should not happen again after this.

10-03-2011, 01:53 PM
What happend to you might not necessary be cloning but just someone who hoarded lots of gold by different ways and bought mercenaries. For example I used in every pvp battle 10 Mounted grand masters which were bought from an elven city that were pretty high level and with the right abilities and clicks could crush almost everything. So therefore don't assume someone who had the same unit was cloning.

PS: it wasn't me,i only use mounted GM, never mounted archers.

10-26-2011, 12:00 PM
I seem to be randomly gaining and loosing units between the world and home maps :(

My Orc mounted units all disapeared when I garrisoned, my hero gained 9 levels on the plus side. ( Think he ate them for a power boost :D )

My Elves seem to be multiplying like rabbits, every time I move a block of units I seem to get a duplicate left in my home town. Although they dont show up on the form unit option when returning to the world map.

10-27-2011, 07:36 AM
Same thing happened to me yesterday. It is the 27th of October and the cloning issue still exists. I have an elven capital and my units are duplicating in random levels. They show in my capital city and they are in my moving army. I explained it on my own thread under the "Quest Bug" title, along with other issues still happening that have been happening for several weeks now.

10-27-2011, 02:41 PM
My Orc mounted units all disapeared when I garrisoned, my hero gained 9 levels on the plus side. ( Think he ate them for a power boost :D )

Got to love these stats : he's a 1 man killing machine

LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SpawnBattalion(playerID=1, WMID=33, template=Elf-Heroes-Mmo-Player, health=[14647], memberCap=1)

LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ChangeBattalionAttributes(playerID=1, WMID=33, attribs={[GatherRate|0]|[MemberCap|1]|[ScriptName|Hero]|[Level|15]|[DefenceRating|0]|[Exp|34]|[FatigueCap|10]|[ExpCap|80]|[HealRate|3]|[Members|1]|[Skill|0]|[HitRating|0]|[Damage|29]|[HitPointCap|14647]|[armyID|4]|[HitPoints|14647]})

10-27-2011, 06:52 PM
I stop playing.
Just wait for things to get better.
Then i'll start again.

But it simply does not work now.
Something get better, true.
But still something keep being bugged since beta.
And some shiny new bug appear here and there from patch to patch.

I tried.
And sometimes it almost worked.
Even with dumb AI and Quest that always look the same.
But just a sec before u decide to swallow all of it just to live your childhood dreams castle, reality grabs you back to earth:

I took care of my army, but they keep cloning, having crazy stats.
I have pigs that have 13k food inside, and they are still small size.
Weather effect disappear with new nvidia drivers.
Unminable stone.
Crazy pointing locations.
Building same towers forever and ever. Wait ingame to complete the run, and a crazy pvp fight seize your only "still not bugged" army in a blink.
All things that i could really enjoy to take care and manage if just worth it.

DoF could still be fun for some gamers, with crazy poweful 13k life unit and unlimited food to sell, easily getting IP and testing all the stuff.
But i just wanted to play a game.

I bought Dawn of Fantasy.
It's mine.
Noone force me to play it now and hate it forever.
I prefer to play it and enjoy it when the right time comes.