View Full Version : Bad Unit Bug.

10-02-2011, 05:55 PM
So i've already PMed kon on the things that happened before this bug occurred but the bug has boosted my archers piercing dmg in some cases to over 100 thousand, i can effectively instant kill any unit hit by an arrow from my archers... and its not only my archers that bugged my knights and mounted knights are the same way they each got extreme damage multipliers on them.

My question is will this cause our armies to be reset on us down the line?

I've also noticed that my archers maximum hp is slowly decaying they're down to a max of 263 now. im very confused by this heh.

EDIT: and another issue... I cant pvp at all the game just refuses to let me i've tried everything including completely removing the game and all files and reinstalling rebooting my computer my router everything i could think of but the game just crashes every single solitary time i try to pvp. I either get a De-sync error or a NAT error what on earth is wrong with my side that i cant pvp while others only have this happen once in a blue moon?