View Full Version : Several bugs/glitches Men

10-01-2011, 04:02 AM
I make a extra post here since there are still some bugs that fit into several categories.

I am playing Men Rollingplains and found some old and new bugs in the couple of hours I played today.

1) I started to construct a blacksmith and a market and did the Noble Traitor quest. When I finished the quest both buildings habe been constructed instantly altough it was still a couple of hours until completion

2) Then during the Noble Traitor quest I had AGAIN the Knight bug where you could only see the shields of the units and nothing else. But good thing is it only happend when I used the prey ability. :)

3) When I reserached 2 improvments with the blacksmith. one against piercing damage and other one for dmg increase of swordsman and knights I checked what changed on the stats and found out that nothing changed at all. Stats are still the same like before the improvments.

4) I constructed a mill for the village economy quest and spend like 2 influence points on it for it to be constructed faster and when construction time was about an hour I had a server going down message. When I logged back on the mill was gone along with the influence points. But I think I at least got the ressources back.

Those are some bugs I noticed until now. I hope you can fix them especially number 1 and 4 cause they suck. :)

Edit: for some reason I can find the manage attachment section so I cannot give you my log files