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09-30-2011, 09:56 AM
Day 1

A buddy and I started up at the same time hoping to be close to one another..... Wait we enter and it is the same as beta, I was thinking that was going to happen but I had in my mind we would be close to one another in like a Human area. Ok all good, if there was posts on that I wouldnít of read them I like things to be surprising hehehe

The quest we pretty much the same as the Beta some minor changes but all good, blazed through as many as I could in 4.5 hours. Made about 20 workers because, UMMM wow the rate of resource income was hard to swallow. But good I am glad they made it very slow. I reach my housing pop CAP... that was new one for me. Build all the plots but one because it didnít give me an option to building anything on it yet.... I have seen that before but I thought it was a bug. I built everything I could 2 Farms, 1 Barn, Barracks, Siege, Archery, BlackSmith. Missing Market, Cavalry and Store House. Could be something else but I forget. I have my walls built as well but my economy was my focus.

Left at kill thy Neighbour quest I am sure there are some die hards that went way past that but I get up for work at 5:30am so cut me some slack lol.

Helpful tips. Take some of that gold you have made and buy some resources from other places, feel free to shop around some places will be cheaper than others. When you are doing the attack camps quests make sure you bring at least 1 work with you, if your pretty good bring a cart as well to carry more. Orc will truly make out like bandits as there is a build that gives you 100 or 200% more income from cleaning up the dead bodies, starting to wish I went Orc but letís stay the course!

Tonight my goal will be to get at minimal 1 set of stone walls, somehow figure out how to get more houses, stuck at POP cap of 41.... I am sure it is just a quest or 3 to get past that. Build a very strong Army. I am going to take a chance at the beginning and purchase heavy Knights and Mounted Knights. Yes I picked Human if you havenít guessed. I couldnít possible pick Elves for 3 reasons even tho they are very OP right now. Minimal Micromanagement, where orcs and Humans give you more to do between quests and sieges it like driving a standard verses an Automatic I love the control!!! I like close combat so I will have to learn to move fast or use SHEILDS UP tactics with Range units but will see how that works out in the future, and last not least Unicorns really Unicorns.

Orcs are crazy powerful at the beginning there is not economy that can match them. Elves would be the slowest and Human can leap forward over Elves as you can focus on certain things allowing concentrated Micromanagement. All races will even out in 2 to 5 days Orcs will slowly go to the bottom if you donít stay aggressive. If your defensives DO NOT GO ORCS. Elves or Human might be the Key, Do what you want but they get bonuses if they keep attacking sitting around and waiting to get attacked will surely fail at some point for Orcs.

Canít wait to smash some Elves, and possible even work with Orcs to see them complete left in rubble!!!!! Everyone has to have an enemy!!!

I am wondering how many people will build all 4 Kingdoms off the get go, if so why?
Why did you choice your race?
What race will you smash giving the chance?
Any tips that can help people out?

Joseph Visscher
09-30-2011, 10:05 AM
Very nice post, A note, to increase housing build limit you need to get the city upgrades at the townhall, they give you more plots to build more buildings and will allow you to build a lot more houses.

09-30-2011, 10:45 AM
Also to build on the last build plot, you have to "capture" it. Send some units(for some reason sending only 1 unit or only my hero didn't work at least during beta 3-4 days ago) You may notice, that the plot, which you cannot build on is a slightly different colour. when you cap it, it converts ro your color

09-30-2011, 11:24 AM
Thanks, Can't wait to ditch work and complete both suggestiong now!!!

Konstantin Fomenko
09-30-2011, 11:44 AM
Great post and glad to see you are taking advantage of market trading. Be sure to try Viewing your army and killing what you can there - looting and buying units and resources from villages and merchants in that View mode - great way to get resources, livestock and other stuff cheap.

In addition be sure to try PvP once we fix the final bug with it tonight - even if you loose the PvP game you get Influence reward.