View Full Version : I cant move my Troops as a Group. "Help"

09-30-2011, 02:41 AM

My current Problem is a little specific it seems
I heard in the Chat that I am alone having this Bug but it seems others had it before me.

So far everything is going fine
I can select a unit than Order it to do something.

Once I select two Units they refuse to follow any Move Order
the still accept Orders of direct targets like Enemys or Ressources
But they dont follow any move order on the Map

If I select each Unit alone they move again.

I tried to relog several times but its not working at all.

Hope for Help since PvP or even small scale Quest Battles are nearly Impossible to play with a maximum of 6 Units to command.


Little Addition
Funny but true
Once I tab out of Game and go back in it works again.
However If I log out and Restart the Game its Bugged again

Well at least it seems I can temporarily fix the Bug by Putting the Game into my tabs once at start
tough this is quite the strange bug ....

Konstantin Fomenko
09-30-2011, 10:45 AM
Thanks for your report. It has to be something specific to your mouse software, we had reports of some ultra cool mouses bringing in some odd bugs like this. We`ll follow up with the potential fix early next week.

09-30-2011, 01:40 PM
Its a basic Optic Mouse from over 3 Years ago
It doesnt have and/or needs any special Software
Its using standart Windows Software and works fine in all regards and other Games I had in those Years

As a sidenote
I didnt spend a tought on it
But now that you get on the Mouse I should add this I think

The Command itself is Registered
I get the Sound of the Units agreeing to Move
also for some reason the Hero moves if he is along the group

just the other units dont move

therefore I think the Mouse cant be it
after all the Mouse Command is verified and working

If I may take a Guess I think the Problem is with the Pathfinding
I noticed that earlier
when moving larger groups of units each unit seeks out a position near your destination point and sets its own destination point there

this is always causing a small lag
especially in view army mode due to the huge size of Armys used

It may just be a hunch of a modder but I would guess that theres something wrong extended pathfinding maps

To be a little more precise
The really Broken part is ONLY the AI Pathfinding as it is disabled somehow
Means while the Player can set a Destination point on the Pathfinding map the AI cant

For Reasoning
I am just a modder so I dont know everything but I have been into this long enough to notice game mechanics and backround scripts
a small distinction here is pretty clear

Normal Units only move to the player set point if selectet alone
if selectet together with other units they ALWAYS try to set a point for themself
which seems to be issue here

Exception is the Hero which always moves to the player destination point no matter if selectet in group or not
thus he works fine

A Programmer might add or dismiss some of this toughts
I am not a Professional after all

But I think this shouldnt be too far from the actual cause


Konstantin Fomenko
09-30-2011, 02:19 PM
Thanks for brainstorming this. Yeah looks like your issue is definitely not with the mouse. Not sure why pathfinding would glitch out like that, most likely it`s GUI related - as if you Alt - Tab and come back it sometimes fixes the issue.

I have to apologize as we have to concentrate on a few other things this weekend - PvP fixes, couple of game stopping bugs, and Bonus codes, but I`ve added your bug for next week and we`ll have this fixed by mid of next week latest.

If you come across any other information on this please post this here.