View Full Version : Testers and developers

09-22-2011, 06:59 AM
You must be crazy to fix bugs in games.
I understand the developers, pressured by the dates.
There are errors that arise on a PC and another does not happen. How to fix? maybe one fix it but then crashes on the other pc it worked.
other bugs you think you have arranged and appear again later.
Surely long hours without sleep and headache.
His greatest joy is that the game worked well and have happy players.
The tester, also suffer.
I myself I have to create a new city almost every day, do not complain.
It must be so, if we want a good game.
Have patience.
It is easier to wait for days without playing, but so errors are not fixed.
So I encourage all to testers and developers, to keep working hard, to make this great game well.