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09-17-2011, 01:48 PM
So for those that have played the beta.... whats the best race to play and why is it in your opinion?

I normally play 'orc' related races in most MMO's but have always had friends playing that nation :D so let me know what you think of Dawn of Fantasy's options please

09-17-2011, 02:30 PM
Each race has weaknesses/strengths. it depends how you want to play, really. The races are even further broke down into region (three regions per race, each with strengths/weaknesses) and even further broken down into talents. So, you can choose two talents...farming/trade for a more economic approach, defense mastery for...well name says it all. Or offensive talents.

Orcs I believe need to be played really aggressively. I love their regions the most (look amazing), but I personally prefer a bit more defensive/trade/economy approach...someone correct me if I'm wrong and Orcs can be played that way. So I went with Humans.

Elves tend to played defensively, but don't know anything else besides that.

Humans need the most micro-management, but I believe they are kind of in the middle...can be defensive/economic or/and aggressive.

Of course, Elves can play offensive to, and Humans can be played various ways. I'm sure Orcs can be played differently, too.

So, here is an example of a race break down...going by the region I picked and talents.

Plains (weaknesses: Little wood and stone, ranged units cost more, animals fatten a lot slower, strengths: Tons of gold and good farming land/bonuses, supposedly the best cavalry in game)

Farm/trade talent: Improves my farms and economy
Defense Mastery: Improves my walls, makes my walls cheaper to build, makes trebuchetes cheaper (offsets the Plains +20% cost in trebuchetes and...I think there might be something else, but that is off top of my head

If I chose Wold or Alpine, my defensive capability would be a lot better, and I would have a bigger selection of wood in both Alpine/Wold and for Alpine, a lot more stone. I prefer the look of the Plains personally.

Orcs do get different talents than humans (some of them are the same). They get slightly different regions too (the desert region seems the most different, that neither Elves or Humans get)

So yes, to sum it up...each race has their advantages/bonuses. Plus each region of the race has advantages/bonuses and then the two talents you can pick, which add various bonuses.

09-17-2011, 04:38 PM
Elves are complex to play. they are amazing in all things IF played correctly but they are complex because they have expensive units and can be a pain if you aren't used to this class.They are the best in def though even if in offence they do quite well .