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Konstantin Fomenko
09-13-2011, 02:06 PM
Time for a well over-due update! I`ll do this in a FAQ form - and hopefully this will bring some clarity. Things are still crazy with our staff working day and nights - so please excuse our long silence.:)

1) What is the new release date?
The final release date is now set for September 30th, and it`s official from our publisher.

2) When is Online Kingdom coming back online?
Thursday morning - 15th

3) Why has Online Kingdom has been down and no patches released in the past 2 weeks?
We sincerely regret having to take Online Kingdom down and stop patching the game for the past 2+ weeks, however - with our development schedule this was necessary to include the large number of updates, new content and bug fixes - in time for release.

4) How much time is left in the beta?
Beta will continue almost all the way - and end on the 28th of September

5) Where and when can I pre-order the game?
Pre-orders will be online and linked from our website later this week - by Friday.

6) What can we expect what Online Kingdom is back?
With the return of Online Kingdom we will be releasing a major patch, however - some of the new features will have to wait till the second patch, here`s the break-down of the patches for this and next week.

Patch 1.9.4 - Thursday 15th
-Brand new player homelands - greatly expanded, redesigned, with 70% more building space and unique design for each region. In addition humans and elves gain second palisade walls, and Orcs get to keep both palisade and large wooden walls.
-All the progress is now saved on the server. You can play the same town from various computers.
-Game file and asset security implemented - we did our best to tighten security and avoid any potential cheating down the road.
-Scenario Editor released - scenario editor is added to the game, with some documentation and sample scenarios.
-New Gather Rates GUI - shows all the income sources per resources. For example mouse-over Food on the Resources bar - and you`ll see how much you are getting from cows, how much from peasants, how much food pigs consume e.t.c
-New Stronghold construction system - walls are now built by segment - with player paying for 1 segment at a time, with ability to pause, resume construction - and no need to hoard 3000+ of stone before starting construction.
-Final build time, building prices, starting influence. The build-up and progress is greatly slowed down.
-Visual update: brand new shadows - shadows don`t flicker, always sharp and overall look and perform much better.
-There will be quite a few new bugs in this patch - some possible game breaking; it will take us till the next major patch to fix all of these.
-First SFX update - combat and GUI

Patch 1.9.5 - Tuesday 20th
-Fixed all the new bugs from 1.9.4 patch - the nature of these buts will allow us easily to track all of them down in a few days.
-Player vs Town PvP enabled - full of OOS issues and other bugs
-Player Profile window - includes a lot of information about player progress and various cool things from Achievements to PvP ladder and titles.
-Visual Update: various high-end visual options added from Anti-Aliasing to Anistropic filtering
-Final SFX update - environments, and units idle and movements sounds

Patch 1.9.6 - Sunday 26th
-Player vs Town PvP bugs fixed
-Team battles with up to 6 players
-Random player team find added to the auto-match. No player created teams and guilds till post release - towards late October.
-Rotation time for units - unit - especially large will not just instantly rotate

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Thank you very much for this post.


09-13-2011, 03:06 PM
Looking good. Can't wait to get my little paws on these updates :D

09-13-2011, 03:33 PM
Thanks so much for the update. Hoperfully this will also keep complaining to a minimum for now :D

09-14-2011, 02:37 AM
Finally! Awesome update :)

09-14-2011, 04:19 PM
This is good news.

Konstantin Fomenko
09-14-2011, 10:04 PM
To confirm - we are on track to release the Online Kingdom tomorrow. ETA 6pm EST.

09-15-2011, 05:48 AM
To confirm - we are on track to release the Online Kingdom tomorrow. ETA 6pm EST.

I imagine means the day 16 Friday.
if we are lucky

09-15-2011, 03:14 PM
To confirm - we are on track to release the Online Kingdom tomorrow. ETA 6pm EST.

6PM EST today, we'll hold you to that.

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Peasants?pitchforks and torches?

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