View Full Version : How will I be able to obtain the game from where i live

09-08-2011, 10:50 AM
Im not good with search functions, not even good at google buahahaha.. but anyway, the nearest gamestop or GAME store is 30 minutes away, and they only sell games that have a VERY high rating which means if a new game comes out, they wait months to see what the rating is, and if its not to their liking, they don't order any of that game

And I can't go anywhere else because theres not another game store for another 80 miles.. I live in the boonies, the mountains where the redneck and hillbillys are so you can probably understand why it may be impossible for me to obtain the physical copy..Sooo if the game will be digital as well, Who will be the one to have it as a digital purchase because thats the only way I see myself getting the game..

Oh and I can't have it shipped UPS or USPS....