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Alex Walz
09-02-2011, 03:01 PM
<font size="+4"><b>Fantasy Friday</font>
<font size="4">The New Homelands of Men</b></font>

Welcome back to another Fantasy Friday! With Dawn of Fantasy hitting store shelves later this month, Reverie is proud to unveil yet another new addition the game: new homeland designs! They are still a work in progress, but beta testers will be able to try them out as soon as the Online Kingdom mode is back online after a period of concentration on the Kingdom Wars mode. The screenshots below show the wall designs of the homelands, but individual player homelands will be much more impressive and unique with more towers built on available plots, wall defenses, and units to defend from atop the walls. These are also WIP development screenshots from the editor, so they will look better in-game with all the spawned prop objects and torches.

These screenshots also show the walls at their most advanced stage - the player will start off with just a Town Hall, then build palisade walls, then the keep layer of walls, and then the second layer.

For more information on homelands, check out the Online Kingdom Overview (http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2016).


To understand the people of the Wold, one must first appreciate their tumultuous history. In the Older Time, Menthorn was the first great stronghold of human civilization, and the pride of the Wold. The city of Dagbor arose in Southmont shortly after, and a great rivalry began. An era of double-dealing and back-stabbing ensued, during which power, gold and land were snatched back and forth between the lords of Dagbor and Menthorn. Feuds began, enemies were made, and ultimately Dagbor laid claim to the crown. This situation has never sat well with Menthorns.

Homelands of the Wold are fairly small, consisting of an outer layer of wall and a small keep area. A river flows around the base of the walls, restricting the use of siege towers by attacking armies. Building plots in this homeland are spread throughout the keep and the outer wall layer, giving it the town a clean, orderly look. This region is lush in resources, with forests, gold and stone mines, and farmland within close proximity to the homeland's walls.


Southmontians are mountain people, known for their fiery disposition – in Teria the oft used phrase is “tempers big as boars.” Lord Allposs of Raebor is famed for chopping off his hand in anger, following poor performance in a game of darts. In later fits of rage, when jibed “wilst thou remove that had also?” he replied “Gladly, but pray show me how to wield an axe with mine teeth.” It is well known that Southmontians rarely apologize, believing it a crime of great weakness. This goes some way to explaining their undying feud with the Wold.

Built high into the mountains, the Southmont homeland is a deathtrap to the unprepared attacker. Taking advantage of the natural defenses, this homeland boasts three impressive chokepoints to fend off invading armies before the inner keep - a central, cramped layer of wall. It is in this keep that almost all of Southmont's buildings are constructed. The outer walls house one plot suitable for farmland, granting players easy food during the summer months.


Rollingplain is one of the older provinces of Teria. The strongholds of Denwall and Darssen dominate this flat, meadow-rich, wide-open landscape. Throughout the ages their people have been unshakably allied to the King of Dagbor, and often this has placed them at odds with the rebellious Menthorns. This ancient enmity is the source of one of their oldest traditions – Menthorn Soap Day, a yearly event which symbolizes the ongoing struggle against the slippery Menthorns.

Rollingplain homelands are larger than those of Southmont and the Wold, but they are also more spread out and harder to defend with few chokepoints and three outer gates. In addition, the walls are level, with few plots for constructing towers. The homelands have a gold mine within the safety of their walls, but players must venture out to find land suitable for farming. Deer are plenty, but players will have to work hard to store up enough wood and stone in this barren environment.

Let us know what you think and which one you want to try out first in the comments section below!

09-02-2011, 03:05 PM
dang, this new addition for the puny humans will make it harder to conquer them.No matter, the elves will prevail!

PS: nice addition btw. I can't wait until you show us the elf one

09-03-2011, 01:13 PM
Very nice! All these settlements just look so well-made! I also love the different cultures in each region.