View Full Version : A few suggestions

08-24-2011, 02:39 PM
I have a few suggestions if this game becomes a persistant online game MMORTS.

-The world will only show regions and the Capital NPC city. All Players will be in the region they picked at the beginning.

When you send your army out on the world map they will have options such as

-Invade enemy region. This will randomly set you up against other player armies that are set to defend region. Once you defeat a defending player. You may opt to seige a random players town or attack a player on a quest.

-Defend own region. Will defend against invading armies in a random map of your region

-Send your army off on a random quest in your region or an opposing region. Higher risk if in enemy region of cource. Quests will be determined by your armys size. small, medium, large and epic