View Full Version : RTSGuru Previews Dawn of Fantasy

Alex Walz
08-19-2011, 11:51 PM
<img style="padding-right:3px;" align="left" src="http://www.dawnoffantasy.com/icons/newsicon.png" />The connoisseurs of all things strategy over at RTSGuru.com recently gave Dawn of Fantasy a test-drive before sharing their thoughts on the game's late beta. In a brand new preview article, RTSGuru dishes out the dirt on the game's three modes, graphics, and features. Check it out for an idea of what's to come and a new perspective on the game's mechanics!

Head on over to <a href="http://www.rtsguru.com/game/188/features/181/Dawn-of-Fantasy-Beta-Hands-On-Impressions.html">RTSGuru.com</a> for the preview, or head on over to our own <a href="http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1276">Media Fair Forum</a> for a compilation of previews on Dawn of Fantasy as well as interviews with the developers!