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08-14-2011, 05:36 AM
Just downloaded the game and tried the single player. Here are my impressions and issues.

I wanted to buy troops and it showed me the money I had before the Scenario started, but when I clicked a troop I did not see that money go down, even though I bought the troop. When I tried to buy a siege engine it said I was too poor, but if there was a different money counter I did not see it.

The Scenario started and I moved some archers to the gates. That was fine. I set peasants to put out any fires and they ran around like headless chickens, which was weak. I set another set of peasants to repair siege engines and this was my downfall. The cursor changed to a big X to allow me to choose which siege engine to repair. But I had none. What is worse I could not select anything until I got rid of that big X. Clicking on anything did not work. Right Clicking did not work. The obvious answer is to hit ESC. But when I hit ESC it just pulled up the menu, and would not let me get out of Choose Siege Engine to Repair mode.

So I restarted the Scenario.

When the Sceneario started the second time, I was unable to select any units. I could not click them. I could not do much of anything. I could select them from the upper left icons and the camera would go to them, but they did not seem selected and I could not issue them any orders.

I just let the Scenario play itself out withh the default positions. Game crashed after I lost.

Overall impression is this game is not ready for prime time. It is beta of course, but if beta is projected to be one month, I recommend you delay that and polish up what you got.

Potentially the game could be OK. But I shall come back in a few weeks or a month to see if there is significant progress.

So to recap:
Let ESC get rid of a mode such as Choose Siege Engine to Repair Mode
Show a more prominant gold counter when buying initial troops
Fully reset your UI and internal settings when a player restarts a mission

Good Luck

08-19-2011, 12:52 PM
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