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08-04-2011, 08:36 PM
Out in the world there should be hidden items that can be found and collected by the player if they enter in that area and find it, and bring it back to their capital. They may be protected by NPC’s, just hidden, or even protected by another player. They could consist of anything from troops that will join you, a trove of gold/resources, or RELICS.
RELICS would be rare finds that are scattered around the world. They would be powerful weapons or armors that would create very powerful troops, or special boots to increase speed, special units like a dragon, or other powerful creatures that can be captured and used.
The player would find the dragon RELIC, capture it, and be able to then use that RELIC in battle (the dragon). If a player losses and they have no troops left either on the battle field, or in their capitol, the RELICS they had would be spoils of war for the opposing player.
It’s an MMO right, so some rare treasure finds around the world that can be acquired from the field, and taken from other players I thought would be a good addition.