View Full Version : Seriously? we need a live chat

06-04-2011, 06:00 AM
Ok, so i made a post like 3 days ago about the game being an ass to me i have everything up to date (i think) my patch is 1.7.2 and when i try to run the game it starts doing the usual stuff like the cache files and what not but then when its rdy and i click play it sais : DoF could not run.You should Re-run the updater to verify again. i started the game from like 4 different files in the main folder of the game theres like : DoF (application) DoFupdater (application) and there's updaterupdate and runupdater i tried from all of those but it always does the same lame crap , now im stuck i cant play the game what i know is that it seems to be always downloading the same thing without installing it WTH so this is why we need a live chat in case someone has a question he doesn't necessarily have to make a thread everytime its more convenient and efficient at the same time (less spam on forums and you get answers maybe quicker)

But anyhow what should i do i think there was a guy with like a similiar problem but he re installed the game but then he stopped reporting if it worked or i lost the thread or something.

06-06-2011, 12:28 PM
It sounds like you may need to reinstall. Remember this is a beta. There's going to be lots of bugs. We're here to find them. Also, you'll find you get a faster response if you post bugs in the bugs forum. :)