View Full Version : Single player vs online play

05-23-2011, 12:43 AM
unfournately i wasnt able to get the beta but i was wondering what the difference between single player and online play would be.
in single player is there going to be a large world or environment where there will be lots of game play and the like or is the main expeirence is the online play.
Also is the single player going to be like a sand box or is there going to be a campaing/storyline
just somethings i would like to know but im going to get this game no matter what the answer is

05-23-2011, 03:57 AM
from what i can tell, the online game is a lot different from the SP portion of it, the SP is basicly 2 game types i think, where you have siege, so you can just siege a load of different strongholds ect, or defend against them, and then you have which is basicly the world map, but without having to worry about all the economy and building much in the way of buildings, the SP doesn't have that, theres no economy management, its build up your armies, and go conquer stuff, and battles take place in instances unless your trying to conquer another city.

The online portion has everything, the biggest difference is you build your armies, your home city, from the ground up, there are quests that push the main storyline which im guessing never really ends, and im sure you'll be able to get quests from a lot of different characters in the game. Its a persistant world, so when you log off, nothing stops, you economy keeps going, so your always gathering all these resources even when you are offline.

I have HARDLY played the SP stuff, i just been doing the online portion of the game, but there will be scenaros coming with the game that i can just all but imagine how damn kool some of those are going to be, and theres an editor aswell shipping with the game, so there is going to be a full host of features for both portions of the game, just imagine what kind of stuff people will come up with in the editor? :D