View Full Version : Howde Howde to yee all !!!

05-12-2011, 12:22 AM
Hi all !!! just figured i'd post in here seems as it looks like a good place to introduce yourself to the community and such so here i am, saying hi -waves-

Been looking forward to this game now for quite some time now, the first time i heard or even saw anything about the game was about 1-2yrs ago when all that was pretty much mentioned about the game was that it was a RTS, cant remember if it was ever mentioned back then if it was a RTS MMO or not, but there was 2 screenshots and that was it! lol.. When i saw the screenies i just knew, this was for me.

Im eagerly interested in the dragons of the game, i think these will some serious twists to all the gameplay that it has to offer, i have to admit, its one of the main things im interested in at the moment with the game, tho i haven't got to see any of the game yet cept for screenshots and the odd video right now, just the concept of dragons is just fantastic to me, at the moment im watching an HBO show called "Game Of Thrones" where dragons is talked about a bit, and just reminds me of how this game will make use of the dragons.

There is so much potential here, even after the game gets released, you could really really push this game far, im just very hyped about it... :D