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Alex Walz
05-06-2011, 06:49 PM
<font size="+4"><b>Fantasy Friday</font>
<font size="+3">May Preview Items</font>
<font size="3">Economies, Lore, Artwork, Press, and Gameplay Footage!</b></font>

Happy Friday fellow Mythadorians! In lieu of showcasing a centralized element today, we thought we would start the month off with a preview of things to come, including an assortment of artwork which will soon make its way into the main Dawn of Fantasy intro cinematic to introduce the game world, excerpts from Mythador's vast historical lore which will make its way into the intro cinematics and serve as the foundation for the campaign, a new batch of screenshots and a press release previewing the economies of each race, an off-site preview of the almost-finished game, and a video preview of Dawn of Fantasy gameplay with almost an hour of raw in-game footage!



<font size="+3"><b>Lore</b></font>

The Story So Far, with extracts from
An Accurate And Precise History Of Our World Mythador*

...on that day which shalt be known as The Day of Disappearance, there was a great calamity in Teria (realm of man). Likewise it is now known that in Nhob'ru (the elf kingdom) and equally in Gokkholm (land of orcs) there was much ire and fierce consternation. Upon that day, our woes were born. The kings of men and elves and orcs were vanished, yea, and gone without a trace. At that pale and awful hour, it did so seem - and humans did first suppose – that some enemy had struck a dreadful blow. But oh, by all The Waters, a mistake was made! Oh, would that hindsight's fruits could be eaten before the tree was grown...

…and in addition that on the same date, a young knight did drag before the Prince an orc, and that such an orc should be the orc king! That it must connect in some style with the vanishment of good King Hamilon, none were in doubt, and the Prince's heart was stronger than his head. So swayed, he made loud his declaration, and did sayeth War! Thus were shattered the twenty-seven eras of peace – the era of King Argo, the soother; the era of King Porredd, the pig-lover; the era of King Renton, who cared for food not women; the era of...

…Still there was one chance, yea, for Prince Erian held secret hope. While he rode upon the sword-lined future, while his army clung upon his horse's heels – still desperately he hoped that Hamilon lived, and might be well returned. Unto this end, the human army bore the captured orc, with designs upon a trade. But there was Mischief! I sayeth Mischief! Wizards did ensnare us all, and were not like to let a peace be brokered. This conclusion is not held by every scholar, yet I shall state the many instances I have analysed, through which I have reached a great suspicion. There are twelve occurrences...

...crying, sobbing, weeping, bemoaning, and all such examples of tearful nature. Nor could it be helped, for their beloved husbands lay unmoving on that far battlefield. The Prince's army was defeated, himself fled fearfully. And then, for the army was dissolved, who would protect the borders? The Menthorns spied this weakness also – I nameth all Menthorns dog-breathed traitors to the race of men; I nameth them slime-lickers, yea and greedy clutchers of the throne; and also...

...so too were the elves drawn to battle, for such forces were at work of Mischief. I sayeth again Mischief! Already there was vicious struggling, humans upon orcs, and all manner of skirmish, and every shape of cruelty. Thus, the wizards had no great task, employing schemes and trickery, to twist the chaos further. Shortly came all races to a war betwixt each other. The triangle was complete – and each corner sought to destroy the whole...

...did take several years to research every battle, and the last fifteen chapters I do believe represent the finest battle-history in all existence. I have described each blow so thou shalt not forget, and so Mythador shalt remember, for now the war is done, and all are weary, but will not always be weary. We must guard against Mischief! We must not fall into the wizards's traps! War must not come again! So sayeth I, and will repeat until my voice runs hoarse...

...to document peace? I cannot call it peace. There is no longer war, but all lands are blighted. Yea, there has been a shattering without and within – I can write only of danger and worrisome things. In Gokkholm there is anger, and an empty throne. In Nhob'ru the conclave resists the Princess, and she may not sit upon her throne. In Teria the Prince must watch his back, for Menthorns hold their dagger ready. I know not what the Great Lake holds, nor whether I shall live to see the waves abate...

*Found beneath the body of a human scribe, name unknown, but believed to have been murdered by Menthorns due to his unflattering writings.


<font size="+3"><b>Economic Management - Press Release</b></font>

Earlier today, Dawn of Fantasy publisher 505 Games and developer Reverie World Studios released a new press release outlining the game's economic system along with a new batch of screenshots<img src="http://reverieworld.com/screenshots/ff61/goldmine.jpg" align="right"> showing a number of different gathering options for each race.

<blockquote><b>Milton Keynes, London – 06 May 2011</b> - The words ‘fantasy’ and ‘economy’ might at first appear to make strange bedfellows, but strategy gamers know that being in full command of your economy will win you a war; even when losing the battles. In the massively multiplayer strategy game Dawn of Fantasy understanding the in-game economy is key to winning the game; but the economy differs in significant ways between the three races.

There are five resources to collect in Dawn of Fantasy - food, wood, gold, stone and influence. Each is gathered at a player’s cities and then used, in varying amounts, for the production of buildings and/or units; with the exception of influence. Influence only features in the Online Kingdom mode and is gained through successful quests and PvP warfare – or alternatively through purchase through the online store. It’s a hugely-powerful resource, able to boost construction, give powerful upgrades, or unlock new content from the online store, including new quests, mini-campaigns, exotic units, and perhaps even entire races and game modes.</blockquote>

Head on over to our friends at Gamasutra (http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/71956/BATTLES_JUST_WIN_BATTLES_THE_ECONOMY_WINS_THE_WAR. php) and RTSGuru (http://www.rtsguru.com/game/188/Dawn-of-Fantasy/screenshots/) for the full press release and a number of new screenshots showcasing the economy.


<font size="+3"><b>MPOGD Preview</b></font>

Gaming press site, Multiplayer Online Game Directory, recently got their hands on the Dawn of Fantasy beta and wrote an early preview of the game, its races, and its modes from the perspective of someone relatively new to the RTS genre, an audience Dawn of Fantasy's unique gameplay strives to attract along with the more veteran strategy gamers.

<blockquote><i>Dawn of Fantasy is a game quite unlike anything else out there the strange amalgamation of what youd get if you mixed the elements of a real-time strategy game with that of a massively multiplayer game. The game reminds me at times of the free-to-play empire building browser-based games out there, but one thats infinitely more nuanced and strategic than any of those offerings. Besides the most recent StarCraft entry from Blizzard, rarely am I able to grasp the RTS genre or even find it that entertaining. With Dawn of Fantasy, however, theres something about the game that manages to overcome my general hang-ups, and makes me want to keep playing.

Dawn of Fantasy features several different modes, ranging from single-player endeavors to the massively multiplayer mode that is the backbone of the game. While the single-player modes are fun, theyre more training simulations for the other two modes of the game. Players can choose to either Lay Siege to a castle or participate in Castle Defend each one either has you on the offensive or defensive side of a battle so that you can practice various techniques and ideas in order to improve your skills and strategies for when it comes to Kingdom Wars and your Online Kingdom.</i></blockquote>

Head on over to MPOGD.com (http://www.mpogd.com/news/?ID=8197) to check out the rest of the preview!


<font size="+3"><b>Video Interview & Gameplay Footage</b></font>

<img src="http://reverieworld.com/screenshots/ff61/interview.jpg" align="right">And last, but certainly not least, our Milan-based publisher, 505 Games, sat down with Multiplayer.it for an exclusive video interview to show off Dawn of Fantasy through in-game footage. Regardless of whether or not you speak Italian (the interview's language), watching the video interview is a great chance to see nearly an hour's worth of raw in-game footage while listening to one of the most beautiful languages, quite possibly second only to Elven.

As mentioned, the footage is raw and the game is still in beta, so there are a few hiccups, but it does give players a really good idea of what to expect in Dawn of Fantasy!

Head on over to Multiplayer.it (http://multiplayer.it/video/tag/superdiretta/dawn-of-fantasy-superdiretta-del-4-maggio-2011.hi/) to watch the video - definitely worth at least a skim through even if the dialog will be lost on you!

Have a great rest of the Friday, and see you next week!

05-06-2011, 07:48 PM
Is there any chance of the same video coming out in English? I assume it was done in italian to begin with :(

Alex Walz
05-06-2011, 08:02 PM
Nope, sorry. It was conducted by another company and they probably wouldn't have too much to gain for dubbing it, given their Italian audience. But we are working on another dev diary (Kingdom Wars will be the next topic!) and we'll release the new intro videos with voiceovers when they are ready. We'll also have our own interviews shortly.

05-10-2011, 10:39 AM
Pity it's in Italian but great background info.

06-11-2011, 07:41 AM
looks good mate!