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05-04-2011, 06:34 AM
Just came accross this game and i have to say i am really liking the look of it.

I am an experienced RTS player who started with the origional total anihilation and command and conquer games, im liking the way the genre is moving to online play and im all about multiplayer.

My favourite feature about the game so far is how different the races are, i hate games who clone all the races and just rename the buildings and units.


Elven spearman
Orc Spearman
Human Spearman

there all the same on most games.

I am hoping to get into the beta and i am an experienced beta tester, i have testing all of the wow expansions and was in rift alpha and provided masses of feedback and interacted with the dev team directly through emails etc. Looking forward to trying to give some feedback on this game and meet the community.

Cant wait for this game and nice to meet you all.