View Full Version : TenTonHammer previews Dawn of Fantasy

Alex Walz
05-03-2011, 03:46 PM
TenTonHammer, a prominent MMO gaming site, released their preview of Dawn of Fantasy earlier today. And considering that it's the first in a number of big previews from English-language press, I thought it was worthy of some extra attention!

Check out the preview here (https://www.tentonhammer.com/previews/dawn-of-fantasy)!

There are MMOs, and there are RTSs. With originality in the genres at an all-time low as studios scramble to emulate the big names in the industry and collect precious day one subscribers and sales, one would think we’ve seen it all.

Along came Dawn of Fantasy, the game that gave me hope for the industry’s ability to innovate once more.

TenTonHammer enjoys the combat and the multiple game modes and really like the innovation behind Dawn of Fantasy, with some final criticism of things we are working on fixing through the beta testing period - the lack of in-game documentation, animations, and voiceovers. As an update, our Lead Writer met with the new voice actors several times last month and our scripters are working on using the newly-recorded material to replace all current voiceovers as well as adding dialog in many places where there is currently none. Our 3D artists have been hard at work on overhauling the art, and have been pumping out some incredible new animations that really help with immersion! As for documentation, I am personally putting the finishing touches on the game's manual which contains a lot of "Getting Started" information that will make its way into in-game menus. We are also working on some beautiful new cinematics with a mix of traditional paintings and CGI effects that will draw the player into the MMO world. We will share a few of the stills with the fan community shortly.

The preview ends with: "Dawn of Fantasy definitely gets props for doing something different, and as it gets refined and upgraded over the course of its beta, will be a lovely niche title with zero competition." :)