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Konstantin Fomenko
03-24-2011, 01:24 PM
Reverie World Studios, INC, developer of Dawn of Fantasy, located in Canada, Ontario, Toronto. We are looking to fill the following short-term contract, remote teleworking position with-in the next two weeks. Please send your resumes and portfolios to jobs{at}reverieworld{dot}.com (jobs@reverieworld.com).


Digital matte painter/2D Artist
This is an opportunity for a skilled 2D Artist to create high quality and polished digital paintings for the Dawn of Fantasy Video Cinematic stills.


Strong foundation in traditional arts, with excellent fundamental digital graphic.
Highly proficient in Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.
Excellent skills with matte/digital painting
Highly proficient in creating photo-realistic landscapes, and characters


Previous game industry, or game mod project participation
Previous work on similar digital/matte painting project
Educational background in fine art or graphic design is a plus
Previous experience with remote freelancing (use of FTP, SVN, online communication)

About this position
This is a short-term contract, running up to 8 weeks, with great rewards and benefits - but a lot of workload. This contact is open for immediate start date. Two openings. This is part-time/full-time position (20 to 40 hours) tele-working position, with hourly rates compensation. There is a good possibility for contract extension/full-time offer after the contract is over.

Workload Description
We are looking to create 15 high-quality paintings to be used for heavily-edited CGI video cinematics for Dawn of Fantasy's Online Kingdom campaigns.Your responsibility will be to created several 2D paintings, that will, in turn, get animated and worked into the video cinematic by another artist.
Here`s two samples of the painting and style:

Painting Sample 1
<img src="http://dawnoffantasy.com/stuff/Kon/Sample1.jpg" height=400>

Painting Sample 2
<img src="http://dawnoffantasy.com/stuff/Kon/Sample2.jpg" height=520>