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02-14-2011, 12:05 PM
"My point of view of the social structre of dwarves + a bit of inspiration from a few lores"

Distinctions between the social classes are based as much on honour, skill and wealth.
The lowest of all the dwarven society are clans that have been disgraced.
They are not allowed to join a guild and are often outcasts from a hold( city/stronghold)
The outcasts may live in humand lands or have their own settlements on the periphery of the dwarf realm.These clans are looked down upon by other dwarfs and many have, for centuries, been attempting to restore their reputation.

Above them are dwarfs that have no home but whose clan's honour has not been disgraced in any way. All dwarfs should have a hold and those that wander are regarded as being unconventional and therefore unreliable. Dwarfs from such clans are frequently traders, working in cities of the human empire or travelling from hold to hold as neccessity demands.

Next highest in the social order are dwarfs who belong to respectable clans and dwell within established holds. They may be members of the less prestigious local guilds or may earn a living as labourers such as miners or craftsman.This category of Dwarf has little direct influence in holds affairs but has the respect of their peers.

At the top of the social order within any hold are clans who are members of the most respected trades such as goldsmith, weaponsmith and engineers. These clans are almost always associated with the great guilds, membership of which is often limited to members of those clans that originally formed the guild centuries ago.

The only higher ranked individuals in a hold will be members of the royal clan. Dwarfs put great store in the lineage of their kings. Only if a royal line is extinguished ( or very rarely disgraced) will it be changed. In such an event , there are several possibilities. A thane or prince from another hold may be invited to become king or another high-ranked clan may become the royal clan. Exactly what happens is decided in council by the thanes of the hold. with considerable wrangling from the guilds and the most influential clans.

Dwarfs are not fond of titles and like to keep such things simple. Apart from the king and his direct heirs like prins , nobles are reffered to as thanes. Thanes may hold offices, but these are not hereditary. Each swears an oath of allegiance to the king and holds his office at the king's whim.

At war all the clans will gather and form battalions at the command of a thane or king.

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Sounds like a mix of Warhammer and Dragon Ages view on dwarf society. Apart from that well done.

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I agree. It is very well done. I look forward to more similar posts from you

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This is exactly the same hierarchy as in India pre-Gandhi. Exactly the same!

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I agree seems good