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Birds lifted off, flying into the air at a panicked pace. Small animals sprinted away, and the swamplands became still with the overhang of menace and fear. A low roaring began to grow in the distance, the very soil and leaves trembling at the force that approached. The stomping of heavy legs and iron-clad warmachines sloshed through water and trampled vegetation as it drew onward. All was struck silent in fear of the Orcish mob.

Horns blew, booming out into the wilderness with their war-calls. The mob pushed on, their thunderous march forming a chaotic off-beat rhythm. A great mass of green and brown, iron and leather drew through the swamplands with their hearts and ambitions high. At the fore, the great Orvok Legbreaka rode atop his fierce warg-mount.

It was not long before walls began to loom ahead, stout stonework that rose intimidatingly before their eyes. The host drew forth and then slowly ground to a halt outside the reach of enemy archers. "Bah! Look here boys.. Thalrak the Flimsy hides in behind his rock!" Declared Legbreaka, and his men replied with a few cat-calls and appreciable laughter.

Ahead, orc and goblin heads poked out from above the wall, looking out at the massive force assembled before their gates. Bows and catapults were readied as other orcs rushed to bolster the defenses at the gate.

"No doubt.. he has many orcs at his gates.. many orcs protecting his precious stronghold. But still, he lacks any guts!" He continued scathingly. "He is a coward of an orc! We have strength and iron! We will tear down his stone walls!" He continued, now bellowing at the enemy.

"We are strong, we are bold.. and luck will choose us!" Legbreaka shouted, his army replying with an uproar of cheers. "Big Boys, get the big ram!, In-line.. manbreakas, bigblades, and kibs!" Legbreaka commanded and his men followed, the three great ogres forming up with a great line of berserkers, slayers, and goblin raiders behind them. The first of the ogres carried a huge shield, while the other two toted a massive battering ram between them.

"Charge!" Legbreaka commanded and his men charged - the warg-riders holding back from the wall battle. "Trickstas, cover the boys! Shoot them off the walls!" The marauders rushed forward as archers began firing arrows down at the charging army. Grimstock blocked many arrows from one side with his great shield, covering the other two ogres as they ruhed forward with their ram.

The marauders stopped and began shooting up at the walls, attempting to cover the army. Suddenly a great, booming thud reverbated through the area; audible even over the shouting and great clamour of warfare. The gates shook as the ram first made contact, the ogres soon drawing it back for another slamming blow.

Blow after blow rained in upon the gate, cracking and fracturing its locking mechanisms until it finally slammed open wide. The ogres trampled in, tossing the great ram atop the waiting horde of goblins that stood waiting behind the gate. Goblin's squeeled and scattered as the great ogres pulled axes from their belts.

Enemy slayers moved in as the ogres began cleaving through their enemies - Legbreaka's berserkers and slayers moving in behind. An enemy ogre advanced to stop their march, swinging a great club at Hatebellow. Hatebellow raised his axe, blocking the mighty blow though it staggered him back a step. He held off the mighty club for a moment before the enemy ogre roared and swung it around in the other direction.

Minerot attempted to aid him, but couldn't reach around the size of Hatebellow and there was not room to maneuver around him. Hatebellow twisted to the side, block the club early with the haft of his axe, turning the bladed end toward the ogre and thrusting to strike him in the face. Orcs and goblins alike scattered as the two hulking forms did battle, swinging and battering thunderously on each other. With a roar of triumph, hatebellow cleaved into the chest of the other ogre, felling him though he had received a deep-scarring wound where the club had snagged and torn at the left side of his face.

"Ha, Thalrak hasn't the numbas to stop us!" Legbreaka cried, "let the kibs and workers help them clean up. There won't be much glory left by the time we ride in. Prepare for spoils!" He declared, spurring his mount to a moderate gait that carried him onward to victory.

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The great host of orcs marched on, leaving these lands with a much heavier burden - that of gold and other loot. Armor clad legs carried the host through the swamps of Flattan Rol on their way to Rollingplain. Though the march was to take but a week or more, it seemed forever to the war-ready orcs before they found themselves facing off with a hastily risen fort. A gray banner bearing a howling wolf-head design flapped over the nearest gate, the heavy doors slamming shut as cries of alarm came from within.

The host gazed onward at the structure and it looked truly pitiful to their eyes. Goblins moved here and there, readying bows and pikes at the shoddy walls. Torca Noheart let out a great laugh, shaking his head in amusement. "You'll not even need my bigarms on this one! I could blow on this wall and topple it!" Master Wargheart, even calm and analytical rode casually up to Orvok. He growled his distaste and spit at the ground. "Goblin rebels from some other fort.. Break open the door and we'll charge. The men could use the exercise."

Orvok grunted and consented with a nod. The ogres readied themselves and the host charged - the orcs unwilling to wait for the gates to topple before setting forward, their bloodlust risen and their warcries filling the air. "Blood and skulls!" "Death for the rebels!" "Meow!" (That last followed by a swift axe-swing and subsequent decapitation. )

The hastily erected fort proved to be no match to the orc army, but provided them with an evening of sport as well as some meager loot. The novelty of the distraction carried on through the night, but had worn thin by the rising of the sun. The orcs moved out once more, crossing over into Rollingplain. On the Rollingplain they cut a path of destruction, burning and pillaging farmstead after farmstead; as well as creating all sorts of swine-based siege weaponry. (http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2348) A merry, rampaging time was had by all.

Deep within the plainlands they crossed a massing human army. The army was half as large as their force, having been on the march to meet up with a larger force in order to make war upon one of their neighbors. The sight of the orc army was less than welcome to them. Grimstock bellowed with excitement as the Stikks shook their weapons in the air. "Another little play-fight for us!" The humans formed their lines, their leaders hastily discussing their options as the orcs began shouting their battle challenges and generally working themselves up to a great bloodlust.

The humans had orders to rendesvous with their larger force. They could not prevail here nor could their comrades prevail later without them. There was little time as the orc jeers filled the air, weapons readying for a direct charge. Suddenly, a flag signalled for truce - to meet. Orvok grumbled, entertaining ignoring the flag, but his curiosity was peaked. Reluctantly, he made his way down to where the human envoy began moving to the center of the field between them. The human envoy carried with him a great crate, and Orvok scoffed at the notion of the humans trying to bribe him.

As he drew closer he detected a strange smell, his eyebrows raising with interest. "Oh great orcish commander.." Began the envoy. "I bid you welcome and ask that you withdraw your forces at once. If you comply.. we have a most gracious gift which we would happily bestow upon you.." Orvok crossed his great arms over his chest as he glared down at the envoy. "What gift could you give me that I could not just take?" With a great display, the envoy opened the lid of the crate to reveal the great surplus of Pie. An audible gasp escaped Orvok as he was taken aback. His hands seized the crate and he summoned two of his fellows to help shoulder the burden. "We will accept this bounty and withdraw back to our home to feast.." And so it was that the orcs withdrew from Rollingplain, much placated by their love of Pie.

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Lol i read it and its looks good.. looking forward for your second part!:d

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I still don't know what CBC means XD

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I still don't know what CBC means XD

You have to read my other story. ;) It's short for 'Curse Breaka Clan'

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:mad: what did you say

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For the love of Pie!!!

I finished the story.. finally (see the second post). Hope you are as entertained reading it as I was writing it.