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Hello all, this is the lore write-up and army list for my mighty Orcish army. Inspiration for the name is thanks to Raulaun and a bit of good humor. ;) I gave many divisions within the army 'new names' to reflect what the army itself prefers to call their specialized units.

Army name: The Curse Breaka Clan

Home: Rinrock

Clan Commander: Orvok Legbreaka:
A bulky, dark-skinned orc with a wisened expression and deeply set eyes. He carries a heavy two-handed club adorned with an array of iron spikes and ridges - ideal for crushing and breaking bones.

Killed the old commander Taltin Ironsaw and seized control of the 'Clan' during a failing raid into the Dwarven Marches. Earned the name 'Legbreaka' as a reflection of his strategic mindset - often preferring to weaken and cripple his foes before fully engaging them.

Berserkers: 'Man Breakas'; Commander: Keb Bladefist.

Goblin Prowlers: 'Kobba's'; Commander: Kobba Firebellow

Goblin Raiders: 'Kib's'; Commander: Kib Rustyknife.
Kib is a small but fierce female goblin with a liking for wicked-looking blades. She prospered under Ironsaw's leadership and was reluctant to follow Legbreaka. But with the dwarves at their backs, she soon fell into line with the new commander's leadership.

Impaler: 'Stikks'; Commander: Hanmi the Stikk.

Mounted Impaler: 'Wargy Stikks'; Commander: Jesta Noname.

Marauder: 'Tricksters'; Commander: Sanda the Trick.

Ogre: 'The Big Boys'; Grimstock, Hatebellow, and Minerot.

Shaman: 'Spirit Breakas'; Commander: Malruk Feliron.
Malruk is a hard orc, about as hard as they come. He's older and wiser than most, and not often prone to enduring other's nonsense. He is quit powerful in his own right, but has little interest in running the army - preferring to hold complete dominion over the other shaman. He could, perhaps, overthrow Legbreaka - and so Orvok treads carefully around him.

Siege Catapult: 'Bigarms'; Commander: Torca Noheart.

Slayer: 'Bigblades'; Commander: Belok Ironhand.

Beastriding Slayer: 'Wargy Bigblades'; Commander: Master Wargheart.
Wargheart is the 'war master' of the clan - the primary advisor of Legbreaka, just as he served under Ironsaw. The oldest of the leaders, Wargheart is especially calm and reserved for an orc - keeping a practical head that many would consider impossible for an orc. A master of weapons and riding, he spends the majority of his time overseeing the training of the army.


Seizing Powa:
By the hand of Orvok Legbreaka.

Sometime ago, we orcs marched out from our stronghold Rinrock - deep in Flattan Rol. Ironsaw had a plan to march into the Dwarven Marches and seize some of their fine ore. A bold plan that I liked at first. The march there was long and many of the men grew bored. The morale problem was solved once we found a little village or two to smash and burn. Squeel humans, squeel.

We reached the dwarve's caves and they were deep, entrenched, and well guarded. We let loose Grimstock and the Man Breakas and the dwarves ran for their lives. Grimstock had a nice snack and we Ironsaw told us to charge inside. Me and my bigblades lead the pack, pushing in and cutting down those little folk, but the caves were tricky.

They had overhangs and archer-traps, pecking my boys good until we decided to retreat. Ironsaw wasn't happy about that, but "send in the kibs" I said, and he did. The kibs did their job and we pushed deeper, only now some dwarves had moved behind us in the entrance. "Ironsaw", I said to him, "we should go. This isn't looking too pretty for us." But he just laughed and ordered us to charge again. 'Let me worry about the exit.' He said.

Kobbas and stikks to the entrance, Kibs and my bigblades deeper in the mine again. We tried, but just couldn't get through their defenses. Orcs aren't good in tiny caverns. Ironsaw was angry that we weren't making it through, so he came forward to tell me so. 'Charge into their line yourself, be useful and take an arrow or two!' He said to me.

I didn't much care for his tone, so I clubbed him good with my big stikk. The boys weren't sure what to do about that, but they were happy enough once I told them we were leaving. We gathered with the man breakas and joined the kobbas and stikks. The little ones at the entrance were stomped flat as we trampled through.

More of them tried to follow us, but some flashy magic from the Spirit Breakas and a little fireshot from the kobbas sent them running with their arses, truly, on fire. Old Feliron said I was cursed for felling the commander in battle and I had to knock a few heads around to make everyone see things my way - but they came around quick enough.


Taking on a New Name - How they became the 'Curse Breaka Clan'

Back at Rinrock, the clan found themselves soon undersiege by an orcish army lead by Karkuk the Hungry - an ally of Ironsaw who suspected that they had seized wealth from the dwarven lands. Karkuk surrounded the great walls of Rinrock and advanced forward.

Legbreaka couldn't risk having his leadership threatened at this early stage, nor was he willing to allow someone to threaten their walls at a point when they could not afford to repair them, so he lead a force out through the gate. Ironhand and Feliron took charge of the defense, manning the walls with spirit breakas, marauders, bigarms, Grimstock, and Minerot.

Legbreaka marched out with a force of wargy bigblades, bigblades, wargy stikks, manbreakas, kobbas and kibs, with Hatebellow and stikks held in reserve behind the gate. The marauders and bigarms opened fire on the approaching army as Wargheart lead a mounted charge against Karkuk's front lines. Thinking to seize abandoned siege weaponry, Legbreaka and the remaining orcs charged those siege, launching themselves into battle against the orcs manning them.

Karkuk's advance halted as his forces turned to address the charging threat, dislodging themselves from their war machines and attempting to defend themselves. Magic, rocks, and arrows rained down upon advancing foes, withering their numbers. Karkuk attempted to send help to his siege, but Hatebellow let out a roar worthy of his name and lead his reserves into battle.

Karkuk ordered his army to fall back, distancing themselves from Legbreaka's forces. Grimstock and Minerot left the fortifications to join Legbreaka on the field. Legbreaka turned to his men and bellowed. "Today, we show our enemy who the true orcs are! We show them our might and fertilize our ground with their blood! Let them hear your battlecries boys!"

Roars erupted from Legbreaker's men. "Graaaagh!" "Blood and Victory!" "Spoils and Death!" "MEEOOWW!" Everything halted as the army turned to Samwi Failheart. "What... was that?" Asked a stunned and furious Legbreaka.

"It's the curse, the curse of Ironsaw!" Exclaimed an unseen orc from the mob. "I- I didn't mean, no. I didn't saw meow!.. I meant - wait! I didn't say meow then either!" Fumbled Failheart frantically.

"I heard him saw meow!" Exclaimed an orc next to him, a goblin gasping from the side and pointing up at her. "You meowed too! It's the curse - ahh! it's in me! it's in me!" He squeeled, several others shouting and accidentally uttering the word.

"Curse my offal! To arms men! Silence the curse!" Shouted Legbreaka. Karkuk and his men watched on in utterly bewilderment and even fear as the orcs turned on one another, hacking apart their comrads who had uttered the word. After the deed was done, Legbreaka laughed and turned to his men. "You see! We broke the curse with orcish iron! We are the true orcs!"

He turned then to the men of Karkuk. "We are invincible now, let them have it boys!' Legbreaka bellowed and launched his army into a glorious charge against their foe.

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Really nice, good humor. I like it.

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Thanks, I was trying to make it moderately serious with a respectable sprinkling of general humor. ;)

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Granted, they have boosted morale, but didnt they just kill half their army before rushing into battle? Cant end well for them.

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Nah, I wasn't quite picturing half - just a fair number of them. A good dozen or so. And they're orcs, they can spare a dozen or so - specially when some of them are goblins!

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I must say NobleIre, you are an amazing writer and I am very impressed in your writing abilities.

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Very engaging writing...brought a tear to my eye.

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Im afraid i totally understand where u are coming from tyler

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