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04-01-2008, 04:00 AM
Hi guys.

As of a few hours ago, I've been wondering exactly where my head's been stuck for the last few months! Like a devout, rabid practitioner of some dark, secluded orginization worshipping some warped, occult phenomenon I trall through game sites daily to get the latest gaming blerb, and I've literally ONLY just come across DoF.

I hope you can appreciate my amazement when I saw a certain movie on GameTrailers.com. Slowly my jaw dropped, somewhere around the hopeful induced insanity brought along by the hinted and quite simple term 'MMORTS'.

Quite frankly, its about time!

I'd just like to say to the folks at Reverie - Kudos for seeing the need, for appreciating that the MMO Genre has so much more potential than yet another EQ/WoW clone and especially for rounding up the courage for this undertaking! I'm certaintly with you on this.

Furthermore, I'd also like to add how refreshing it is to claw away from the frequent bastardization of the term 'RTS'.

Yes you get your Company of Heroes, or Dawn of War... But really, what are these? Yes there's some strategy, working out the best way to play the map on a per race basis, capturing strategic points for resources.

But the real meat of these games isn't strategy, but tactics! Troop movement combined with a standard (though admittedly understandable) Rock Paper Scisors game mechanic that simply has you you clicking rapidly on the fly to deploy your units in such a way that they face off against their alloted strength, juggling the battle while your opponent also attempts to do the same with perhaps a suspectly implemented Stealth System and a little back-stabbing to round it off.

I could use the analogy of chess where fore-thought is simply a commodity and friendly unit to unit interactions are non-existant. This is however probably going to be picked apart, so ignore the term and I hope you understand my personal opinion on this matter :D

Anyhoo, after that pseudo introduction come rant on my views of gaming (And seriously? If you're reading this now, nice job for not clicking the magical little 'back' button on the top left of your screen) I just had some general thoughts and questions I'd like to add about what I've read so far...

If this does stray into the Suggestion Thread's remit, I apologise in advance.

I'm just going to go through the features on the game site and rapidly type (like a devout, rabid practitioner... etc) whatever comes to mind, and given the last update of the material I'm reading, forgive me if these questions have already been answered elsewhere.

Epic Fantasy Battles

1. An interesting section here. I quote "Over map technology allows limitless under-ground passages, dungeons, secret underground catacombs, caves and even Castle interiors."

Immediately I find this interesting. But then again, I found the same premise interesting in DnD Dragon Shard and that particular RTS has sunk into obscurity. Is this feature still available, can a comparison be drawn to Dragon Shard (i.e. having multiple map layers) and couldn't it interrupt the flow of the main game and make Micro Management hell in a title where that has the potential to be a killer?

Day/Night Combat

2. Just the inclusion of a Day/Night cycle really intrigues me. Though I am curious about how this will be implemented. Obviously skirmish gameplay isn't too much of an issue, as I'd simply expect it to be a simple 'flip-switch' option.

However, how does this work in the Persistant format? Is it a random value, or does day slowly cycle into night and vice-versa? Does it carry across both Skirmish and Persistant Kingdom gameplay, and what determines whether the battle starts in Day/Night conditions?

Four Distinct Races

Just before the questions come around, from perusing the site and not only reading about Races, but also glancing at the map, character backgrounds and so-forth, its fantastic to see so much background and fore-thought present in DoF.

As an avid PnP Role Player, this really excites me. Not only are the building blocks for a singular, believable world evident along with bite-sized campaigns and scenarios, but this is the first title that I truly feel is capable of delivering on that back-story.

A realm where the players dictate the story, the alliances, the wars and the goverend provinces. Yet all created from that one central mythos. Lovely stuff!

3. Reading about the RPG elements in the game, and the dragons in particular, am I right in thinking that there will be a certain 'Hero Unit' system present? Obviously it makes sense for troops, companies and individuals to grow in effeciency (outside the simple mechanic of persistant upgrades) and the reference to ability hot-keys does somewhat reinforce this. Any details?

4. I'm also wondering how distinct each race will really be. Obviously I've read the Elves rely on powerful ranged units along with High Elven magic, but what does this mean in Gameplay terms? Any more word on units being dictated by the starting Land Peace selection? And will races be naturally inclined to certain types of combat conditions... could this create conveniant loop-holes for others?

(Though with proper terrain and construction management, this really does come down to the player to prepare his overall strategy!)

Mount, Swim, Run...

5. Sadly I have read somewhere that swimming might not make it into the game. Yet for all the strategical implications it could have held, a few avenues also close, so not such a great loss in my own opinion.

I'm really more interested in what the Terrain does for combat. Will I be able to utilize elevated terrain and aquire a realistic bonus for charging cavalry and ranged units? Will it realistically slow movement speed, and also reduce stamina at a faster rate?

Yes, I am somewhat of a Total War fanboy, still harbouring those giddy first memories of booting up Shogun. But then... can you really blame me? :p

6. Reading about the mounts... Do I understand correctly that there will be multiple mount and creature types? Does this also mean I'm at liberty to pair mounts with my units and devise my own strategies around that?

Innovative Naval Combat

Certainly an area horribly overlooked in most RTS titles.

7. Will the damage model for Naval units be realistic? For instance, two ships entertaining a full on broad-side barrage against one another will obviously incur hits and troop-losses, though the structural integrity of the ship won't be overtly compromised? In otherwords, a ship taking damage from the Bow or Stern will be a great deal more damaged, and possibly even temporarily immobolized? (Obviously this might be a micro-mangement issue)

Siege Innovations

I love the idea of being able to construct siege equipment at will! Finally an accurate representation rather than having to wheel a ridiculously cumborsome siege tower through unstable terrain at maddningly slow, nail-bighting pace only to realise that your opponent is already launching a massive counter-offensive.

8. When building equipment, is it simply a matter of time and resources available? Or will I have to specifically order individual units to focus on its construction? Will this be a task left to peons, or will my manly (not to mention Orcish, Elven and Dragon-kin) regiments have this ability on the fly?

Army Camps

9. And this also carries over from the above. When you say 'Build siege equipment anywhere', do you infact mean from a temporary camp?

10. Are you also going to implement some sort of system to represent resource transportation to said temporary bases/fortresses. Will there be a drip-feed from your Land Peace and will you be able to aquire resources specifically for your camp on the fly?

Complex Economic Model

Simply put, as a player who loves to fiddle around and generally mess with the lives of his hapless subjects all in the name of effeciency... Awesome! (Happiness is mandatory...)


Here's one of my own I'm extremely curious about.

11. Obviously alliances will play a part in Skirmish battles, but will there be any opportunity for such in the Persistant Kingdom mode? Will I ever be forced into a situation where I might be vying for territory with more than one opponent?

12. In addition to the above, does this represent an opportunity for groups of players to form allied kingdoms with others? Would it be possible to designate another alliance as direct enemies so they'd be primarily selected in the match-making mode? Could a single battle also influence a slight strengthening in all your allied Kingdoms?

Note, I'm not nessecarily suggesting that you go into every battle with other members of your alliance. I'm suggesting that the persistant world could be influenced by alliances banding together against common enemies, and therefore said enemies are selected whenever possible in the match-making mode.

13. What are your thoughts on 'locking' alliances before a battle? Could it be that certain games are FFA affairs with only one victor? (a,k,a Sins of a Solar Empire) or even that if alliances are left open and the players in the winning alliance at the end of the game have their rankings/victory rewards proportionately reduced depending on how many other players they were allied with?

Sharing the spoils of war, so to speak.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up here. Many thanks for taking the time to read through, and if you do deign to reply... Nicely!

Keep up the good work lads! Thoroughly looking forward to it - Chrome

Konstantin Fomenko
04-01-2008, 08:47 AM
Welcome to our forums Chrome.

Might take our staff a while to answer all of your questions, but to get this started:

Just the inclusion of a Day/Night cycle really intrigues me.
Day and night time in MMORTS gameplay is persistent, with every cycle taking roughly half an hour. Visually this is quite a smooth process accompanied with whole lot of audio and visual eye-candy, for example: fire torches will be lit on the walls and streets in the evening, and roosters will cry out in the morning e.t.c More ever it greatly effects gameplay, as night time makes ranged units much less accurate, and decrease LOS of most units, allowing ambushing and sneaking around.

We have day and night cycle in Skirmish mode as well. But not in the single-player campaign.

An interesting section here. I quote "Over map technology allows limitless under-ground passages, dungeons, secret underground catacombs, caves and even Castle interiors."
We do have this technology in, but it has very limited use right now, as you said we didn`t want to follow in Dragon Shard foot-steps. We`ll see if we can put this to a good use in future expansions packs though.

I'm also wondering how distinct each race will really be.
Really distinct. Representing completely different approaches to RTS. From economy to building placement, to the very core - the way units are trained. Original StarCraft was our inspiration in trying to get races to be absolutely unique. Admittedly we only had that much variation with units - all 3 races have melee, cavalry, and ranged units. But when it comes to buildings, or the way are trained, I hope you`ll be pleasantly surprised.

And this also carries over from the above. When you say 'Build siege equipment anywhere', do you infact mean from a temporary camp?
Yeah, army camps are forward bases constructed by your army. A way for the army to dig in, heal, build siege weapons and even create a forward wooden Stronghold with palisade walls. Camps can always be sold after.

04-01-2008, 09:16 AM
Heh. Many thanks KonstantinF.

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer some of this stuff. Looking better and better! :D

The Witch King of Angmar
04-02-2008, 07:00 PM
Welcome to the forums.

04-03-2008, 02:02 PM
Man that's quite much text there. Anyway it was nice reading, and the answers too :D

04-04-2008, 12:29 PM
wow had to take a break from that for some lighter reading in the spam section lol
nice intelligent questions. I too am now worried about the underground situation. In Heroes of might and magic 3 it was a toggle to swap maps, but that was neither smooth nor efficient