View Full Version : Hail warriors

01-23-2011, 03:05 AM
Hello all. This is my first day of hearing about this game, so I am not really sure what to expect.

I am an avid gamer of many years, with experience across a broad spectrum of types, and genres of games. It's not often I spot a game and immediately become excited, but this game seems to just have something that appeals to me a great deal.

When it comes to computer gaming, I have grown to expect excellence from the games I choose to invest my time, and money in. From the little I have seen so far, I have high expectations for DoF.

I am particularly interested in the PvP potential this game appears to offer, as I have long ago wearied of lackluster computer controlled AI's to satisfy my competitive gaming needs. The addition of the single player, and skirmish mode that this game offers is icing on the cake. And the ability to design custom maps is the cherry on top.

I'm hoping this game will capture my interest for a very long time. See you on the battlefield.