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01-20-2011, 03:28 AM
As the title says I am the soilder of experimentals and the one thing that breeds experiments into life, the imagination. I've played every RTS I could possibly get my grubby hands on. One thing I find most common with them all is that they are all missing key features that would have saved them from sinking into oblivion. Many of these features would be unit to unit combat power such as horsemen defeating spearmen or anti tank cannons having no effect on tanks. Walls, gates and towers one of the major features missing in almost every single RTS out there.

Another thing they all lack is no good zombie mods, just once I'd like to play a zombie RTS as zombies, spreading across a city and eventually the world wiping out the human race in full 3d over head action with zombies actually eatting humans on the ground and humans scattering in fear without knowing how to kill them so early into them game. I could make a book about how awesome a real zombie RTS would be.

I could also go on about the perfect MMO but that would be too hard to explain.

So I end it at Toven out!

And yes I do know I spelt the title wrong, my bad.