View Full Version : 22 years and counting

12-16-2010, 08:22 PM
That is how long I have been playing video games. I feel like a old timer. I remember when games were simple. Two white lines and a ball. When football games were this 2D characters the size of a smiley face that ran up a green field and the ball was bigger then some of their heads. I remember playing Zelda and Rampage all night till I passed out with my older brother on the NES.

I been gaming for a long time. :D Don't ask me how many hours because you don't wanna hear the numbers (22 years, average of 5 hours a day). The most I have played a single game is almost 280 days played and counting. The list of games played is over 6,000 words long. Yep, I keep track. I have even worked for both Microsoft and Nintendo. A couple months ago, I was honored to play test Fable III right before release. :D

My name is Bryce but you can call me Naivedo. ;)

If interested, I would like to share all the games I have tested over the years: Adventure Quest Worlds, Aika Online, Allods Online, All Points Bulletin, Anarchy Online, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield Heroes, Battle of the Immortals, Battleswarm: Field of Honor, Bloodline Champions, Champions Online, Clone Wars Adventures, Command & Conquer 4, Dark and Light, Disney's Toontown Online, Fable III, Final Fantasy XIV, Flyff, Global Agenda, Graal Online, Heroes of Newerth, LEGO Universe, Magic: The Gathering Online, Hostile Space, League of Legends, The Lord of the Rings Online, Parasite 2, Parasite 3 (Unreleased), Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, Ragnarok Online, Redmoon, R.U.S.E., Shadowbane, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, Star Trek Online, War of Legends, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, and zOMG!.

Well, I hope to get to know you all. Dawn of Fantasy looks like a very interesting game or I wouldn't be here. :) I hope it turns out to be the greatest MMORTS and can live up to that genre. :D