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Noel Bohac
09-08-2010, 01:19 PM
*Note: This is my first post and I have been waiting to post here for awhile. finally got it all sorted out (thank you admins) and I love where this game is going and can't wait to get retail of it!, told the clan and many are interested as well. Due to me loving the game concept and where it is going, I give you the start and continuation of the "list of lies" while semi rough draft , I have worked on this for months and there is some repitition, (working that out) but it seems this will fit this game perfectly. Enjoy!

-NMB aka guardious

================================================== ==

"List of Lies"

Chapter One "Delivery"

The informant groggily woke up with his eye still dry from the long dead sleep; for the previous evening almost cost him his own life and to finally
get some rest was a blessing on it's own. Bracing himself off the cot, he took in his surroundings as the vast
glow of the dawn that broke softly through the window pane to give the room a glowing welcome.

Reaching over to the chair near his warn down nightstand, he grabbed his travel gear to set off on his new day. Standing and giving a long stretch,
the realization of where he was finally took hold. A dreary rat hole of an inn it was indeed, but it was nothing new to the lifestyle he choose. However,
with the glowing of the sun warming up the room nicely, it really didn't bother him much as it was not the cold ground of the forest or back alley rodents
for companions he usually slept with.

Giving himself a final shake to awaken his weary head, he begins to pat himself all around his body checking his gear as he walks to the door of the room
without even thinking about what he might be missing or need , it was his second nature to know instantly if something was obscure or out of place as he
had done this time and time again. With nothing out of the ordinary, he pressed onward to the main hall of the inn.

The dimly lit hallway lead the stairs that went downward one level to the main hall where morning breakfast awaited. He could smell the sent of pig and other
fragrances coming from the distances, some smelled pleasant and inviting , others smelled of rotting bi products; Nothing again he wasn't use to, but
not the best smells to wake up to.

Sounds of muffle talk could be heard as he continued down the hall to where the railing that over-hanged like
an inside balcony started then twisted itself down to the first floor. Dropping one hand on the rail as he continued walking to the steps,
he glanced down to see whom else might be feasting this morning along with the other patrons below.

All persons of no standing, your general populace that haven't bathed in weeks which added to the ill gotten fragrances in the air. Along with peasantry was
the lonely wench with her blond flowing curls and large white breast seeping out of an under sized
blouse; stood out and obviously so for tips or more. This inn as with many others are the countless places one can visit in their journey for little to no
coin was just another stop for our messenger as it was each and every day of his life.

As he landed his last step off of the spiraling staircase, the inn keeper from beyond the bar spoke,

"Good morning sir, would you care for some breakfast? We have fresh pork brought in just 3 days ago, some nice biscuits an...." as the inn keeper
obviously was going threw the morning greet to each of his patrons the informant cut him off quickly with a swift hand up,

"Not today thank you" and tossed him the silver it cost to stay in the room for the night.

The inn keeper responded "thank you sir, have a fine day!" Looking at the informant leaving; He really didn't get good look at him the night before
as it was late when he arrived, he now got a good look at him thou.

The inn keeper noticed this man to be some sort of fighter or scrapper at least. Leather bound hands and wrist, worn down leather pants and a
dirty white shirt underneath a long dark and dirty trench coat. It didn't help matters that the informant wore a large lipped circular hat
with the sides draping down for weight and age. When the informant fling-ed the coin he also revealed two obvious daggers sheathed with a large width
black scarf it seemed wrapped around his mid waist, one on his side and one in front. The pack the informant had slung over his side on his back
and finally the boots where thin yet large in depth. The last thought the inn keeper had as the man departed was,

"thank the makers trouble didn't follow this lad this night". How wrong the inn keeper was soon to find out he was.

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But thnx again, I will come back to it one day soon I promise!

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