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(This story may seem to progress quickly. It was longer so I had to take some steps to condense it.)

My name is Ceryk Drakus. I’m a low ranking officer in our Lord’s royal army. Following the destruction of my village, and the loss of my sons in battle, I have not much else to live for. My life is now dedicated to my country. It is I, as well as 11 other officers who will be promoted into a temporary position in the strategic council on this front.

We have just learned that the Orcs have survived our assault on their home, and are moving along the borders of our lands. Following a major defeat of their former home, they seek to move into an ally tribe’s lair. We believe they plan to regain strength and assault our lands for our relentless attacks. We quickly draw up our plans, and move the troops out to set up an ambush.

We see our scout emerge from the fog in the distance. He signals that a group of about 60 Orcs are coming. Moments later, we see large hulky figures emerge from the mist. We lie waiting in the surrounding tree line To make our attack. We plan strike in the middle of their group, while the rest of our troops seal off both sides of the road, leaving them trapped.

The horn is sounded, signaling the charge. The men pour down on the hillside, the rustling of trees drowned out by the sound of the clanking of chainmail and the yells from our soldiers. The Orcs line was stretched thin, and the lack of warriors from their previous battle made it easy work to cut through them. The battle was over in minutes.

I signal most of the men to return home. A handful of us will stay behind to finish off the Orc wounded. As I check the bodies, I come across an Orc female lying on her stomach, three arrows lie stuck in her back. I roll her over and find that she was clinging tightly to a ball of cloth. I open it up, and there I find an Orc infant. It was alive. But it did not cry. Its simple mind couldn’t wrap around what just happened.

I couldn’t bring myself to finish it off. It just looked up at me, almost with a sense of mercy in its eyes; much like my sons gave to me the day they were all drafted into the militia. Years of war and bloodshed as destroyed families on both sides. I can’t take my anger out at the Orcs anymore. I grow tired of war.

I leave my second in command in charge of the handful of troops, and in the concealment of the surrounding fog, I swoop up the child in my arms and took it to my makeshift home, out on the surrounding hills of the city.

“What am I going to do with you?” I asked. It gave no response, other than the jerking of its head and arms, trying to understand its new environment. I can’t believe what I was doing. No one must know about this.

I travel to the court of the kingdom to turn in my documents, signaling my official retirement from the army. “We’re going to miss you. You had one of the best strategic minds in our regiment.” It was my old friend and fellow officer, Davis. “We can only hope for another strategist half as good as you to cut down the Orcs.”

“Yes, I too shall miss the adventures we’ve had together here. But I’ve spent many years fighting for my Lord. I think I’ve earned some seclusion after 15 years of service.” I leave him with a pat in his shoulder, my gauntlet chiming against his hard iron mail. I don’t tell him of the child. He would not understand.

Many years go by as I raise the child in seclusion. He never leaves my home, other than to explore the surrounding forest to gather food. It was during one of these times he was found. My friend Davis, now a high ranking member of the military, came to my home.

“Hello Ceryk.” He said, dress in formal military apparel.

“Hello Davis. What are you doing way up here?”

“The Orcs are regrouping. It took 10 years, but they’ve regained their
strength. They seek revenge for the slaughter of their tribe. We need you to reenlist and help us.”

“No, I’ve told you I’m retired.” In the middle of our conversation, Mogorn comes to my hut with a handful of timber, unable to see Davis.”

“Orc!” He yells as he unsheathes his sword. Mogorn drops all the timber logs but one to use as a makeshift club. Mogorn shifts his look to me, unsure of what to do.

“No! It’s alright.” Mogorn relaxes his stance as Davis turns his gaze upon me in shock.

“What is this?! You, the slaughterer of Orcs, has taken upon this beast to be called your own!?”

“Yes. He was a baby when I found him. His mother was killed, and he just lay there, defenseless. I took it upon myself to raise him as my own. I had just lost my sons, and he just lost his mother.”

“This is outrageous, wait until the council hears of this.”

“No! Do not tell them. I will reenlist if that’s what it takes.” Mogorn didn’t like the sound of that, but I motioned to him that I would speak of it later.
“Very well. We are meeting tomorrow night to discuss the best defense. I expect to see you there.” Before he leaves, he turns a bitter gaze toward Mogorn.

I explain to him that I’m doing this for his sake. What we are doing is an act of self defense. He seems spiteful, but understands. He owes his life to me.

The next morning I begin to travel to the kingdom. The council of 12 officers should be there, but I only count 11, myself included. Davis is nowhere to be seen. Halfway through the meeting, I find it odd that he is still absent. The meeting finally draws to a conclusion and I begin my return home.

Along the trail home, I see fresh tracks of humans and horses. This is odd since no one visits me up here. I come upon my hut. The door kicked down, carts tipped over, and the inside of my home ravaged. I see a sign nailed to a post. It’s from Davis. He says that he’s taken the Orc to the Imperial prison to be executed that morning.

I make my way to the Imperial prison. Luckily as an officer I can use my credentials to roam freely. I make my way to Mogorn’s cell.
“Unlock this cell.” I order the guards.

“Davis’s orders were clear. This Orc is not to leave until his execution.”
“Alright.” Suddenly I push the guard against the cell bars, Mogorn takes him by the neck until he’s unconscious, while I handle the other guard. I fumble through the key ring and get him out of there. We meet outside where I have our two horses waiting.

“Stop! City guard!” I look behind and see a handful of men running our way. We take flight on our horses until we make it a safe distance outside the city.
“Father. What’s the plan now?” Mogorn asks me.

“I have a feeling I won’t be welcomed back. And we can’t keep living like this.” Mogorn nods his head in agreement. “I’ll ride north, and make the next village my home. I’m sure you miss your people. And I think all humans will not take kindly to our friendship. I think it’s best if you return to your people. I’ve done what I can.”

“Thank you. Your fathering and friendship have meant dear to me. I will tell no Orc of our past, but I will never forget you, father.” We suddenly hear the barking of the dogs behind us.

“Quickly. Go now, make start a new life.” We both rode off. As I looked behind me, I saw that the men had gone chasing after him, led by their fiery hatred.
It’s been 10 years since that day, and I still wonder what happened to him, whether or not he ever did make it. The village of Wisterdale was quick to accept me. It’s here that I live out my days as a simple farmer. I have no regrets. It’s through this experience that I have gone to appreciate life more; years of fighting and death has showed me how quickly it can be taken away.

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coolstory brah suprised you typed it up so fast was just on facebook talking about it like this morning but i guess you are the better typer whats ur words per min for typeing i forgot

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Well, I'm in college so I have to type a lot of reports. :p

I type around 100WPM or so.

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Hey your brother told me to check this out. Lets see how good this is.:p

Update: Interesting story. Very different then the others. Do you plan to continue or is it done?

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Thanks :)

I think it may be done for now. Not sure atm.

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yeah lot of work to do there.

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Very cool story. I find myself very curious as to what happened to the Orc.

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Excellent work ;)

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That was pretty good. If you make a sequel you should make it more detailed and stuff.

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Wow O.o thats an awsome story dude!

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I'm genuinely impressed, quite the read. Keep up the work and i'm going to keep an eye out :)

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Epic story, really enjoyed reading it :D

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Great job, that was an awesome read!

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