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Memoire of the battle of valli’nes valley the last stand of the mountain elves
Written by klundor field archivist for the dwarven libraries underneath mount mein

I am travelling with general huk’drom a dwarf as ancient as the marble caverns he lives in. One of the last of the glar bloodline. Being one of the last and the only male left he inherited glarmaul, a mighty weapon forged by the early rulers of the first dwarven realms made from meteor-metal mined out from under ice plains of the north. It was said this weapon could crush any wall while wielded by the glar bloodline but so long there was none who would fight the glar this story was turned to a mere ghost story. Huk’drom was tasked by the dwarven council to free valli’nes the center of mountain elves kingdoms for centuries but once it was a dwarven haven a safe place. That was until some dirty high elves thought it was a nice place for one of their overgrown ruins they call cities. But in all fairness It was a nice laugh when the settling elves decided to renownce their alliagiance to their former masters. But it was the biggest mistake those settlers could have made, no help from anyone they were stuck in the valley surrounded by the mighty halls of our brothers. But unexpectedly the widstood centuries of assault seemingly the mountain elves had some more spunk in them than other treehuggers. A pact was formed and the elves expanded westwards and we let them. I thought it a weakness but back then there still was one ruler, one dwarf and a dwarven king is not the kind of thing you ever dare to oppose kept alive by legions of servants the lived up to thousands of years and their might only grew with the more years they lived in their magic-woven halls. But a big mistake of the mountain elves was to use their newly gained kingdom to train magicians that could intrude on dwarven magic, foolish they were to think that by killing our king we would all lie down and die, such foolishness is only to by expected from treehuggers. With our king dead the high lords decided to form the council which after some time, only a century , they pushed the elves back in their stolen valley these are the fact that brought me here, the libraries decided the push on valli’nes valley and the lead of huk’drom with glarmaul was something worth sending me out of the library to record everything personally it doesn’t happen much that an archivist is send out but that only points to how important this battle will be.
It begins
Not coming out of the library much means we have no real way of transportations and so a farming cart is my means of getting by. Right now im being pulled by a giant boar but not the fighting kind the kind that normally would have already died of old age. the generals chariot rides in front of me a beautiful machine with the proud glar banner a black hammer with gold rims on a background of a grey snow tipped mountain and dark gray sky. Glarmaul, I hope I get to see it today I see no reason I shouldn’t huk’drom wouldn’t be here without him weapon. All around me grim warriors walk without fear they all deserve every ring in their beards they fought elves for so long every one of they has no more room for extra trophies. Behind me the material cart are pulled and behind that its just goes on as long as the val’kry pass goes streaming out of the valli gates build to protect the valley but it never was conquered by the treehuggers. The main army count over two thousand of dwarven veterans to ends this war, I am no expert but ithink there will be other armies to, about one I’m sure human mercenaries though I do not know how they will come to the valley. I know see the first trees, when I was just a small child I stood here and from here you could see rolling plaines and wild giant boars grazing. Pushing the elves all here made they cluster and grow the forest, the general has called for a halt and is commanding the engineers. After an hour or so ballistas are lined up with firebolts ready to fire probably waiting for the scouts to return. I am now going to try to have a word with the general.
We go into the dark
A while ago the scouts returned to report abandoned treehouses and complete silence all animals had left for some still unclear reason. But the general would not risk an ambush and ordered to torch everything. But all the ballista-shots seemed to go out the second they would burn anything. We tried several more thing to get rid of the trees but apparently their wizards found a way to protect these trees . Without another choice we marched into the forest towards the tallest of trees, the column of dwarf were all trying to look every way when the first arrow decended being so trained the line changed into several turtle formations the lagest around me the commanders and the generals hours went by while we covered under our shields before the rain started to dwindle. When I looked out I saw some of the smaller turtles were completely wiped out but in the through the trees I saw zeppelins great ships helt up by magic they were dropped things I could not recognize at first, but the general saw it to and swung glarmaul around shouting “WE FIGHT AS LEGENDS” and all the dwarves swared out and under the former turtles the ground broke open and giant diggers spinned to a stop out the tunnels more and more darven came to rush the foul elves in the heat of battle I used my scepter to strike down several elves who thought my old bones wouldn’t fight and kill like every warrior around between my brothers and the elves humas were fighting as wolves . The mercenaries had come out of the zeppelins and helped us turn the tide. When I found the general after the battle he was smiling and standing proud in a clean circle of dead elves around him,his mighty weapon in front of him with blood covering its black and gold head. The elves retreated like they always do like ghosts into thin air but the bodycount told us we had won and with our reinforcements we had a bigger army than when we arrived.
Building death
Now we have used the diggers equipment to cut down trees and make room so we could build our siege camp. The elven fortress is visible between the shadows and green of the forest, and as far as we know every bit of those walls are crawling with treehuggers and their fairies. Our priests are preparing to lock down every bit of magic moving inside. The engineers are building things I do not recognize but also some normal equipment like catapults and siege towers. I have tried to talk to the general again but his guard wont even let me look at him without them trying to some punches on me, I do not know why he doesn’t thrust me but I think he suspects that there are spies among us.
Assault the walls
The diggers have cleaned out the trees between us and the walls but then had to stop because of some magic protection the scum put up. The engineers have finished their constructions and I must say this is dwarven might they build mobile fortresses heavily plated in the front two of these will grant us entrance to the walls no doubt the general has mounted one of the two and is directing the formations into battle-stations. By my count we are over five thousands head large five hundred of those human the general announced that the rest of the councils troops will join us before the battle which will put us up to seven or eight thousand heads, their wardrums are approaching and they will probably rush into the battle the second they arrive. Our priests have mounted the constructs too to block any elven magic appearing. As the banners of our newly arrived brothers reach us the general commands to blow the horns and our battle line slides forward as the catapults launch all that they have. The arrow raining down on us are take few lives due to our heavy armor the priests are all down on their knees I do not know why but they look as if suffering badly, if they break we are in trouble but for now they are holding. Were getting close enough for the elven to fire true the soft spots between our armor pieces and were losing more and more men our reinforcements brought crossbow and are firing back but theres one thing treehugger are good at and that’s archery.
Losing hope
I had to stop writing since the battle broke lose and I do not know yet how it will end I found a safe place on the construct to watch and write. What happened was one of our priests got hit by and arrow and the other priests crumbled under the weight of the elven magics which led to and insane amount of fireballs lightnings strikes and other elemental attacks to our lines one construct got taken out but the other reached the wall luckily im on the broken one right now and wont get bothered. As far as I can see now my brothers are fighting on the walls the fortress is burning and our priests have rejoined the battle with some nice landslides and wallexplosions, I found it extremely funny how far those featherlight treehugger tend to fly, but I do not think we will win this battle we are heavily outnumbered and losing warriors everywhere the mercenaries have fled and the elven citizen can wield swords which was not really expected. I am …
Written by archivist gluner drek
The body of the field archivist klundor has not been found yet but the burnt out wreckage of the construct has been recovered and we hope to find his body soon. The battle was as klundor said almost lost the council realized that this valley was to important to just send the army and whitout letting the general know they send all miners and a big part of the guard true the tunnels into the valley and did a sneak attack which surprised and overwhelmded both elven magic and warriors. One thing that is reconfirmed is glarmaul has the power of gods and the house of glar will be forever remembered for bringing this victory to the dwarven realm.

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