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07-17-2010, 11:22 AM

A place of old,
A jewel of time,
In Rollingplain region,
On hill it stands.

Its halls were strong,
Its fields were vast,
Its people wise,
And knowledge massed.

The times were bright,
The bounds were strong,
As humans and elves,
Together made their song.

It was rich,
And it was long,
A song of love,
A song of life.

The time passed,
The clouds came,
And darkness raised,
When glory of Darssen passed away.

The walls were made,
The fields were burned,
The bounds were broken,
And song has changed.

Now it still could be heard,
A song of steel,
A song of flame,
A song of sorrow and despair.

But Darssen still stands,
With broken heart now looks behind,
Seeking wisdom there once was,
And telling us all the same:

"Do you wana hear a fairytale!"