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07-16-2010, 05:53 AM
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Ofcourse we've all heard about the Tonger.. No? Ok, I'll tell you!

the Tonger was a certain race of dwarfs living in the northenmost mountains of Mythador. They were experienced in comon dwarf things, such as brewing mead, crafting axes and jewelry, But they also wielded the craft of runemagic. By writing certain runes on a weapon, it would become uttermost powerful.
They didn't know the outcome of the magic that the runes produced untill they tested it on anything living. Ofcourse they wrote down the outcome of every combination of runes.

One day, the dwarf Weda was making a hammer with decorations filled with onyx, he added -from top to bottom - the runes Odin, an empty space, Kano, Laguz, again an empty space and Ansuz. It was beautiful.
Weda went outside of their city in the mountains to test the hammer. He found a wild elk which he could eat at home.
He charged at the elk and smacked it on its head. at the moment the hammer hit the elk, everything started to tremble, and the mountains collapsed..
Only a few Tonger were still alive, most of them were farmers. Weda threw the hammer in a crack at the top of the mountain. The race of Tonger was extinct a few years later, as there were too less women to reproduce.

Sorry for the grammatical errors that may be present, English isn't my first language ;).
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Good start, sounds interesting.

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ya same here Crunchygoblin WTF dud

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Wow keep going...nice start