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Fan Fiction Competition Mikey's entry

Part One The Start of a Story

After the long Age of Trial, a new noble house has been built upon the fires of war. A noble whose battles were fierce, and life longer than the fates would have had, if the Great Lake had not blessed him.

Walking out into the yard, the new noble greets his workers. “Bentita atro!(Good Day in common speak)” he calls out to the Nhoblio(elves) all but freeze. They had never seen their new lord and to be speaking common of all things. With dumbfounded looks on their faces they slowly greet him back, as if questioning what they had just heard. “Bentita atro" they reply.

Three young elves run in the direction the lord giggling. As they reach him, the giggles subside as their faces are flushed with fear.
After a few moments of silence the youngest Dimario(male child) of the three asks “Were the battles during the Age of Trial dangerous?” breaking the silence. The lord simply smiles to the inquiries from their young minds. “Were they dangerous?” The lord pauses for a minute, as if searching for the best answer. “No more dangerous than petting a Sissenli(dragon) I’d say.” The children laugh at the thought of petting a fire breathing Sissenli. The youngest of the three asks “Will you tell a story about the Age of Trial.” To which the eldest Dimio(female child) of the three the scolds him “you should not be pestering the new lord for stories.” To which the lord lets out a small chuckle “I’ll tell you a story my Dimario. It’s a long one so you’ll have the time come to my study later after asking your parents.” The Child's face lights up already knowing the answer from his mother. They call out “Dellsee(Goodbye) my Lord” as they run away. The noble simply smiles and says “Dellsee” while thinking what lively children they were.
Later that evening a guard knocks on the lord’s study room’s door “What is it” calls the lord peering up from his book. A guard pulls open the door then enters and reports “there are three common children at the front door asking to have an audience with his lordship.” “Ah yes show them in.” commands the lord “Uka un(I obey)” says the guard then takes his leave. A few minutes later the three elves slowly pull open the door and peer into the crack. “Come on in.” says the lord while showing a faint smile. The three come in and the lord asks “why don’t you sit down its going to be a long story.” The eldest Dimio says "Insister? Fine.(You’re insisting? All right)" ushering the other two to sit down on some pillows placed upon the floor. The lord place's down his book and turns towards the three and asks “What was the story you wanted to hear?” The children answer almost in unison “one about the Age of Trial!” the lord says "Oh is that so, well I’ll tell you one. How about hearing the story of how I became a lord during the Age of Trial? No objections?” the three faces are fixed upon him listening with intense focus. “Very well a story about my life it is!”

A small mining Aslo (village) in Erthee L'Bala, which once stood in a great forest. In times past it had been taken by the rising waters to become the frozen swamp that we know today.

I was born into a common elf and warrior caste. My father was a miner in the local gold mines, which were few and far between in our reign, so he was quite stocky for an elf.

My mother was the finest ranger in all the Aslo, as well as the most beautiful. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother’s sweet voice singing me songs as I sat in a basket next to her quivers on her scouting missions. It was peaceful times, so she did not worry for my safety. The Age of Trial had not yet come upon our small Aslo. The mines were far more dangerous, and she didn’t feel leaving me at the Leso(elf house) was best.

As the years rolled by, I became more adventurous in my games. I would run through the forest at full blast. I was quite proud of my speed, especially at a young age. I would proclaim myself to be the fastest in all of Nhob' Ru.

During one of my races with my friends, I was concentrating so intensely on winning that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going or what I had done. Suddenly, a Firlos(arrow) flew down and stuck my pants' leg, pining me to the ground while not leaving a scratch.

As I gather myself, trying to pull out the arrow, a dark figures shadow looms its way on top of me. I slowly peer up to see the most fearsome face I could have imagined, my mother’s furious expression and her finger now pointing to the direction I had come from. A simple pointing waiting for me to speak. I ask, "what is it?" in a trembling voice.

"Do you realize what you have done!?" she yells. I look harder and see nothing. "Do know what you have done?!"

I begin spouting random answers, hoping to get the right one. "Did I leave the house a mess?" "Did I not do my tasks?" Her face grew more agitated. I stopped to hear her answer.

"Come. I will show you." As she walks by she pulls out the arrow with ease that I had struggled with. With one swift motion, she pulls me up and drags me along to a Trikio(tree) that I had previously passed by. "Do you know now?" She asks. I shake my head. She puts both hands onto my head and points me in the direction of a new sapling that had been trampled by my race to show off. She asks me what the elves live by.

"Clear your mind of violence. We do not harm the forest. We do not chop and torture trikio. We do not murder animals. These beings do not belong to nhoblio." I replied.

She smiles at me the tells me to apologize to the forest, which I do. We wood elves feel a bond to the forest. She tells me to go practice my archery. I sighed. "Yes mother." though I much rather be running or playing in the forest. "The skills you learn will be of use later." she said I thought she was being ridiculous. I've lived a peaceful life my whole life, but I never knew how easily it can be shattered

Part Three, A Mothers Gift-A Fathers Pride

The second eldest Dimario of the three asks “I thought you were going to tell us about the Age Of Trial?” The youngest adds “ I wanted to hear about rangers on the battlefield and blademasters!”

“In due time, my mallees(friends). You must first understand what leads up to the battle before you can understand it in all of its glory and fearsomeness. Do you understand?” The three nod their heads. “Very well. On with the story.”

It was a few months after the scolding that had I received from my mother. I stood in the back of my Leso, taking aim at a small target I had constructed earlier. I drew back the bows sting to its fullest and fired the Firlos. It whizzed through the air and smacked into the target, nearly piercing it all the way thru. My father came out of the house clapping. “That was quite a shot. Has your mother seen how much you have improved?”

“No she hasn’t. She is busy with her patrol missions.”

“I’m sure she would be proud of how fast your mastering the bow.” He said as he headed back into the Leso. My training had improved my archery significantly. I was always quick to learn things. As I continued to practice, I heard a rustling in the bushes. Moments later my mother emerges with something in hand. “What are you holding?” I asked with a great curiosity. She never brings anything home from missions. She simply says “It’s yours.”

Bewildered, I ask “What is mine?” She tosses over the object to me. Upon catching I see that it is a beautifully crafted rangers bow with the house symbol engraved into the sides. I question what she had just said. “Is this really mine?” I had not expected to get such a fine bow out of the blue. She smiles. “Yes. You’ve earned it by practicing your archery for days on end and showed great progress.” She walked over to the house to get ready.

Later that night we had a little party of a few friends to show my bow to them. As the party was nearing its end, one of my friends asked me to show him some archery to see how much better he was. He had always had a better aim when it came to bows.

We went out to the range where we had a competition. He would take the first shot. He took aim at the red dot in the middle of the target, pulled back the Firlos and fired it. It struck the bull's eye dead center. He walked away, with a smug feeling, thinking that he had already won.

Next is my turn. I take aim at the dead center as well, and fire Firlos. Flying through the air it landed right on top of his Firlos, splitting it in two. He stops in mid step in awe and disbelief of what he had just seen. After a few moments he mumbles “guess you won.” and walks back into the house to rejoin the party as it ends.

Early next morning I was eager to try out my new bow in front of my mother. I searched for her all over the Leso but to no avail. She was nowhere. This was quite odd. She didn’t have any missions at this time of day. As I was giving up on my search I found that my father had not gone to the mine yet. I asked him where mother was. He turned around and looked at me with a solemn face.

“Your mother was called to a emergency. She’ll be back later.” I could tell by the look on his face this wasn’t just a simple emergency. I heard something over in the bushes thinking it was my mother. I went over. “Hey come watch me shoot som-“I freeze. It was not my mother emerging from the bush but a party of Dark Elvin sorcerers. My father shouts “GET BACK!”

As he charges, an Elvin mage begins to chant and a fireball spews from his hands flying towards my father. He tries to avoid it but to no avail. It lands him in the right shoulder. He continued on.

The 3 other sorcerers had been chanting in the back for a while now. As they finished, a rift opened up from the ground, sending ice flying and killing one of the sorcerers. My father had dispatched the mage that had injured his shoulder. He turned to the other two, but instead of seeing a dark mage, he sees a giant ogre coming out of the rift, smashing one of the mages on the way out as the other mage fled for his life.

My father runs over to the house and grabs his pickaxe, knowing he is no match for an ogre.

Barehanded, the ogre ripped up a tree like a tooth pick to use it as a club. The ogre and my father faced off for a few seconds. Then the ogre laughed and charged.

My father was able to handle the pick axe with one arm that most elves can't handle with two.
My father ducks as the ogre charged it swung its club. I see the hair on his head whip about as the wind from the blow flys past him. He dives forward to the ogre, driving his pickaxe into the ogre's foot. It outs a horrific scream that sent chills down my spine.

I stood there, still frozen, as my father broke its leg with his good arm. It fell to the ground, which sounded as if the greatest tree itself had fallen. Father was already on top of the ogre readying to do the killing blow. It let out one last wail as he sent his pickaxe into its skull, killing it.

My father jumps down, gravely wounded. Now able to move I run to him. “Father!” I call out. He looks up and smiles in relief of seeing that I was safe. "My son, you must go to your uncle's house in Serepha Moota to the Ellefah. Take what you can carry from the house. Arrows and food is all you need.”

I stand there for a few seconds. “But you’ll be coming too, right?”

“No. I won’t be able to. I will stay here and try to keep the monsters at bay.“ I look up to see the rift still there and more fiendish creatures pouring out.

"My son, you have more potential that I had when I was your age. You will not become a common elf. You have much greater things in store for you. Now go to your uncle's house and make me proud by becoming a great warrior.”

"Very well father” I run to the house to gather up what Firlos I could find and the bread from the table that had been set out for breakfast. I run out to see my father standing getting ready to face what may come. As I sit there looking at him, the rift starts to open and a creature starts to emerge. My father shouts “Run now!” I turn and run as fast as my feet would carry me.

As I reached the start of the deep swamp I looked back. I could see the village ablaze. Saddened, I say sorry. Cursing my own weakness for being unable to do something for everyone.

I could hear the footsteps of wargs approaching and I began to run deeper into the swamp where they could not follow. My feet were freezing from the cold water and ice that had accumulated on my boots. I stopped to rest at a large tree with its branches above the swamp surrounding it.

As I sat there picking the ice off my skin and clothes, a large flock of drakes came flying from above, heading towards the larger cities. One of the larger chunks of ice fell into the water below. One of the drakes changes its course strait towards me. It swoops down to attack. I jump from the root barely dodging its talons. It flies back to the sky and turns for another attack. I ready my bow and pray to the great lake for strength. I take aim to the beasts head and fire a Firlos. It strikes the drake and it plummets to the ground, breaking the ice and sinks into the frozen waters. I collapse in relief. Exhausted and cold I fall asleep under the trikio and dream of better times.

Part Four, Old Ways New Enemy

I Awoke to the sunbeams trickling threw the trikios branches. Squinting, I get up. My limbs freezing and my fingers numb, I eat what little food I had. To travel lighter I only gather up my bow and firlos and begin to head Ellefah(east) towards Serepha Moota.

I make my way to the middle of the swamp where there is less water. To make travel easier I look around to check if there are any enemies and there are none. I start walking the long path to Serepha Moota, pushing brush to the side without breaking them. I make my way to another clearing and stop. I see 3 wargs feasting upon a deer in my way. I begin to slowly backup, knowing it’d be better to escape while they gorge themselves on their hunt. As I think I’m in the clear, I turn around to make my escape. As I turn I see a fourth warg staring me in the face, teeth gleaming in the sun blood, dripping from its mouth. It lets out a howl to call the others that there was more to hunt.

I take off as fast as the wind would carry me. I could hear the wargs pounding on the ground. Each footstep breaks the branches of trikio as they tear through them. The sound of the wargs growing closer and closer one lets out another howl knowing there meal won’t be much longer. Suddenly, another sound emerges from ahead. “More coming from the Boleta(Large, Thick Forest) captain” I quickly run towards the sound of the voices as fast as I could with new found energy. As I emerge I am met with a line of archers aiming in my direction. I continue to run as the wargs burst from the tree line the captain yelling “Hafio(fire) Firlos!” A line of firlos streams into the wargs. They slam to the ground and tumble a few feet. Dead.

I stand for a few moments, exhausted, and fall to the ground, no longer able to hold my own weight from fatigue. As I fall I hear the sound of footsteps running towards me. I hear someone call out for a healer and am taken to a medical tent where they interrogate me. While I am healed from frostbite and lacerations on my legs from branches I had passed, I tell them I’m from a mining Aslo from the west. They are surprised. The nearest mining also to the west is 20 miles away, which is no small distance even by horse. And to have ran that way while injured and half frozen is an amazing feat. I tell them what had happened to my Aslo and how it had been taken over by dark elves and foul creatures. Then I realize I had lost my bow, my only memento from my family.

A ranger walks in, carrying a bow saying to his captain “I found this over in the clearing and it doesn’t belong to any of the soldiers in our regiment.” Handing the bow to the captain, I see that it is my bow and begin to ask for it. The captain says “I know these engraving. It belongs to captain Erirlos.”

I quickly ask “You know my uncle?”

The captain says sharply. “You’re the nephew of Erirlos?” I nod my head.

The captain lets out a deep “Hmm.” “If you’re the nephew of him that means this is your bow, is it not?”

“Yes it’s my only memento of my parents who were defending the Aslo.” he looks at me for a few moments and hands me my bow.
“I’ll take you to your uncle. He is dealing with the last handful of drakes right now.” I begin to rise but my body is not fully healed and I am unable to stand. “I’ll bring him to you; your wounds have not healed yet.” He leaves the tent a few moments later an elf resembling my mother enters the tent looking at me with solemn eyes.

“Are you the only one to escape?”

“As far as I know I’m the only one to have escaped”

“At least I have one thing to be thankful for. You at least got out safely. I’ll take you to my Leso.” I remain in the tent for the remainder of the day. At night we make our way to his Leso. Both silent on the way there. As we reach his home, I look up to see a large manner towering over me. We enter and I see many honor badges from campaigns long past. He leads me to a room. “This is your room. Get some rest, you are long past due.” and takes his leave.

Later that night I awake to the sound of arguing. “How can we take away troops from our campaigns to deal with this minor threat to the west of only a few beasts?”
“How can we not!? They leveled an Aslo in under a day. This is not a time to be squabbling amongst ourselves(referring to Age of Trial) while they march on Elvin land.” As I move closer to the room, I begin to make out the voices. One is my uncles “We cannot waste time on making a disihoin. The Ollfah(enemy) army has already moved towards our position and it is only growing larger by the minute.”

“We can handle ourselves. We are a major city. We are not some filthy little mining Aslo. What was its name again? It escapes me.”
I rush in, eager to defend my home from slander. “it’s not some filthy little Aslo, and they are not an enemy you can brush off to the side.” One of the commanders looks at me.
“Who is this”

My uncle replies, “He is my nephew and the sole survivor of that ‘filthy little Aslo’ you spoke of.” the commanders face flushes white knowing he had gone too far and begins to speak again.
“You’re from the Aslo that was attacked you say.”
I nod
“Very well. What can you tell us of what had happened there?” I tell him of the dark Elvin mages and rifts spewing forth foul beasts. He simply shrugs it off. “It’s nothing more than a few mages trying to cause uproar”

My uncle stands. “This is not something you can ignore commander. You will end up paying for it. I have fought the dark elves before, they are not something to take lightly. They are far more cunning and sinister then you can imagine.”

The commander rises as well. “We will keep our troops stationed at the eastern front to fight in the Age of Trial. We cannot let the ways of our people be hindered by some small intrusion of dark elves.” and leaves the room. My uncle slides down into the chair
“He is digging his own grave with his arrogant attitude. We’re leaving the town. We can do nothing here. We will go to Rivendale and seek aid from the Blademasters. Get some rest, we’ll be leaving in the morrow” I head back to sleep. Restless, I am barely able to sleep. But it creeps in and I fall into slumber.

I awake to a common elf maid telling me “the master is out in the courtyard. you must get ready to leave.” I ready myself and make my way down to the courtyard. I am met by a large brigade of rangers and familys loyal to my uncle and we begin our journey to Rivendale. We would later learn that the commander’s arrogance did cost him and many others. Serepha Moota was destroyed mere days from when we had left. And the dark army would not be stopped there. They continued their raids on small Aslos to the east.

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Great start. Can't wait to read more.

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its a very good start to an elven story:)

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Part Five, A Request

Ridding down the road, the brigade was silent, with only the clogging of horse hoofs to comfort the elves. They were leaving their homes though they did take their families. they felt unsure of the road ahead. Whether or not they will be able to make it in these times of peril remain unanswered.

As we approached a large ice cliff, one of the rangers whispered as his eyes shifted around the terrain. “It’s too quiet. There should be many birds in this area, but not a single one sings its song.” there was something’s amiss. One of the rangers shouts “WERE UNDER ATTACK!” as a group of warg riders jumps down from the cliff above, several slipping on the ice and falling to be impaled on jagged pillars of ice below.

the rangers fire there Firlos into the wargs as they pounce, covering several with arrows. as they fall dead the riders jump from their backs, knocking several rangers to the ground. however most of the wargs managed to tear riders from their horses, tossing them to the ground and mulling them. the captain, firing his Firlos nonstopped, was about to be attacked by a warg from behind. as it opens its mouth I fire a Firlos into its lower jaw, clamping it shut. The captain turns to cut its throat with his dagger.
the riders on the wargs had all but dismounted. I could not make out thier race. They had scales of bronze and greenish tints and teeth sharp as the most fearsome wolf. they charged the rangers on foot, hissing as they ran. the rangers drew their swords ready to do battle. swords clash as the two groups meet. several rangers are knocked down with the strength of their blows and killed. the rangers form and finesse from years of training and battle hardened skills make quick work of most of the assailants.
one of them jumps from behind knocking me from my horse. its large sword swings down towards me. I quickly pull my sword from its sheath. as it’s about to hit I dodge to the side and deflect the reminder of the blow with my sword. Sparks fly as the swords meet. his sword crashes into the ice below getting stuck for several moments. I take advantage and quickly stab my sword into a hole in his armor at the neck. I twist and pull it out he falls to the ground dying. as his helmet falls off, I see he is closer to that of a lizard than a man.
the rangers had mostly cleaned up the wargs and raiders. Several move in on a group of civilians, corning them between several large pillars of ice. as several figures jump from above and land ontop of the wargs, the wargs’ legs instantly go limp and fall as the blades of the figures run through their heads. the figures jump off the mounds of warg bodies and we see that they are the blade masters from Rivendale. they approach my uncle “captain what is going on here. there are reports of mass armies of foul beasts moving across the land, and the city of Serepha Moota has fell silent to our messages.”
“the city has fell silent?” he pauses a few moments thinking of the commander. “there is a large army of darkness swarming across the land we know the dark elves are a part of this but after this battle here I fear there are even greater powers at work than that of elves”
the blade master squad commander asks “what are you doing on this road. This is quite far from the eastern swamp where you rangers call home”
“we have come from Serepha moota to seek aid from the blade masters of Rivendale. We need help to fight this tide of evil that is sweeping across the lands. And we need to bolster our forces from the western front as well.” the blade master thinks a few seconds and then looks around at the battlefield. warg and enemy bodies staining the ice red with blood as well as the bodies of Elvin warriors who had fallen. “Very well. Follow us; we’ll take you through a shorter and safer path than this one to rivendale.” He signals the rest of the blade masters to move out and follow him.
They start making their way to the side of a cliff. as they reach it he chants a spell and a door opens up from the side. The fallen rangers’ families are around. their lost ones weeping as some tend to the injuries of those who were lucky enough to come out only wounded. as uncle gives thanks to the fallen warriors, then gives a quick prayer for the fallen rangers. “from the great lake came, molded by the gods as the first race, to the forest we go, as you rejoin our creators we thank you brothers.” my uncle sits up, puts his horn to his lips, and blows to signal the rest of the brigade to follow him. they we move towards the door and begin our decent into its interior.
the inside of the cave is even colder than that of outside. the only warmth we had was from the wardens magic, casting small flames to light our way as we were walking. I asked my uncle “did you know about this path?”
“the blade masters are a secretive bunch. They do not divulge their inner workings so easily. the only reason they have opened this is because it’s a time of urgency.” I think to myself that the blade masters could have helped the rangers with these paths in times past to help us. “what a cowardly bunch.” I mumble.
We spot an opening of sun raining into the dark tunnel. When we reach it I am momentarily blinded from the sudden change in light. When my eyes regain composer, I see a grand city before me that takes my breath away. I slow my horse to gaze on the large stone walls greater than that which I’ve seen. They reach farther into the sky than the eye could see. Roads with beautifully crafted pictures in them teeming with life as the citizens go about their daily routine, unaware of what goes on outside the walls of their city or the foes that creep upon their doorstep.
The civilians in the group are told to go to the north side of the city to make up their tents as the warriors are called to a barracks. The leaders are called to a meeting with the counsel of Rivendale. I go with the warriors to their barracks where we are met with cold looks of the blade masters who feel they are superior to the rangers of the Elvin lands. We are led to a rigidly looking barracks. One of the blade masters leading us says “this is your new home. You should be grateful that we didn’t make you rangers sleep on the ground like you normally do.” the other blade masters laugh as a ranger starts to step forward to defend the ranger way, another grabs his shoulder and stops him.
“We are the guests here. We must behave civil, even in these dark times.” the ranger backs off and walks into the barracks to get some sleep. The rest of the group moves in as well and finds their own bunks to make their beds. I head in and wait for my uncle to come back.
a few hours later he returns with a angry look on his face. “the pompous fools! do they not know what they face. the counsel has refused our request for aid of the blade masters. They will change their tune when the armies of the enemy are marched upon their gates and the forest burns.” with that he moves over to the captains room to rest. I feeling a little uneasy with the way things were turning out, I go outside to get some fresh air. on my way out I bump into a blade master trainee
“watch where you’re going, ranger filth.” he shouts, drawing the attention of the nearby recruits eager to edge me on to prove something unimportant. he tries to coax me into drawing my blade so he can fight with me. I begin to walk away. He pushes me down and draws his blade. “are you not going to apologize for running into a blade master, ranger filth?” having about enough of his attitude I draw my blade ready to put him in his place. He laughs. “This ranger child thinks he can take me in a sword fight!” a crowd had gathered around us at this point, watching to see how it will turn out.
he dives me and I sway to the side, his blade grazing my clothes. I strike the side of his hand with the pommel of my sword, knocking his sword from his hand. he stumbles and begins to fall and following up with a swift kick to his chest lifting him up several feet and falling down gasping for air with the wind knocked out of him the crowd was in shock at what they had seen. A ranger had beaten a blade master in swordsmanship.
A woman begins to clap while walking forward. “That was quite a show, ranger.” not looking much older than I but was wearing an instructors armor I am in awe of her beauty. I did not hear what she had said to me moments earlier. “Well, what do you say, ranger?”
“To what?”
“To becoming a trainee. You definitely have talent, so it’s a shame you’re wasting your sword skills.” I stand for a few moments, thinking. “I don’t want to turn my back on the rangers”
“I understand. I’ll give you time to think about it. I’ll be at the training hall if you change your mind.” she said as she walks away. Having enough fresh air I return into the barracks. Most of the rangers were asleep so I silently move over to grab my bow and Firlos to do some archery practice.
I make my way to the training hall and see the gleam of a sword in the moonlight. I move closer to see who it could be. As I move within distance, I see the figure of a beautiful elf with hair flowing like it was water and her blade moving with deadly accuracy. I sit there in awe of her. Suddenly she notices me. “Ah, so you did decide to come.” It’s the voice of the Elvin instructor from earlier that evening. After seeing that I tell her “I’ll try to learn the way of the sword but I won’t give up being a ranger”
“That’s fine; I just don’t want to see talent like yours go to waste.” I than began my training for the coming weeks, one day after my uncle had gone to the council to appeal.

“You’ve gotten quite good at this“ Evelyn says huffing during one of our training sessions.

“Yeah, I have always been fast learner”

“I’ll say. You mastered techniques that take years of practice in mere weeks.” as we resume our training we suddenly take notice of something odd. Large flocks of birds were flying over head, appearing to be running from something. “Something’s going on. I’m going to have a look at the watch tower.” I follow her to the watch tower to see what was going on as well.

As we reach the top of the tower, we see there is no watchman. We look out at the horizon and see the trees moving and large plumes of smoke rising from the forest. We quickly raise the alarm as the barracks come alive from below. We rush down the stairs and ladders to meet the soldiers on the ground. We tell them what we have seen in the forest. While talking to the soldiers, I see my uncle is among them. He approaches me to ask “So I guess were out of time?”

“I guess so.”

“The council will change their tune after this, if we make it that is. Well what did you see while you were in the tower?” After I explain the situation to him, I rush to the barracks to get my bow and make my way to the walls to try and hold them. The hoard moves into position and quickly rushes the gates. The drakes pick off the unready archers from the walls. The blade masters coming over only just now, not feeling the urgency of the situation.

The walls are quickly overrun. Large numbers of lizard men storm the walls as my uncle gives the order to withdraw. A large fire ball breaks away part of the wall blowing rangers into the air and their bodies crash down outside the city walls. The enemy had breached the gate at this point. My Uncle gives the order to withdraw to the inner city. We make our way to the council house to take up defense. One of the members franticly asks “What’s going on out there!? Are we under attack!? You’ll protect us right!?” my uncle grabs him by the collar.

“This is your own doing, so you best start learning to protect your own self fast if you want to live.” As the council member runs away my uncle is already giving orders to the men. “Take the civilians to the inner chambers! We must protect them at all costs! Set up a perimeter around the north and south entrances!” A council guard approaches him. “There’s something I must tell you.” He looks around for council members, “The council has a secret escape route that leads outside of the city. If you can evacuate the people threw there you can get out unharmed. Just don’t tell the council I have told you of this I’ll be killed for treason.”

“If anyone’s to be hanged for treason it will be the council itself for getting us in this dire situation and then turning tail to save their own skin, leaving the rest to die. Now quickly take me to the escape route!” He motions to the rangers and remaining blade masters to get the civilians.

We make our way down the hall to the library room. The guard moves over to a book case and pulls out a book and reaches his hand behind where it was. We hear a creaking sound and the book case moves to the side and the wall begins to lift. The civilians quickly move into the passage as we hear fighting down the halls.
“Go on ahead. I will seal up the passage behind you.” My uncle tells me. The door bursts open as lizard men come into the room “Quickly!” he shouts as he fights one off. As I make my way down the passage I hear fighting behind me. I stop, thinking of my parents I had lost and how no more family members will be taken away from me. I turn around to go help uncle. I race my way back up, my bow ready. I fire several firlos at the lizard men as they rush my uncle. Surprised he yells “what are you doing back!? I told you to run!”

“I couldn’t just leave you behind.” I fire at several more lizard men. I ready an incendiary firlos and take aim at a book case across the room. It instantly lights ablaze and the room is overtaken by flames as we hastily make our escape. As we reach the end of the tunnel my uncles says “We have to make our way to the sacred grove and seek aid from what allies we have left.”

“What allies are you talking about?”

“The great beings of the forest: the Ents.” as we reach the group one of the lieutenants approaches my uncle. “Sir, they are all we could get out of the city.” He says, pointing to the remainder of the Elvin army and towns folk. It appears only half had made it out. Most of the northern camp had made it out due to the fact they only had tents and were easy to get out from the city. My uncle gives his orders, “Take what supply’s are necessary; we are traveling light. We must make our way to the sacred grove to the north to seek help from the Ents.” the lieutenant runs off to tell the others to get ready. As we move out I once again look back at nothing but fire and smoke engulfing the a city
Part Six, Hope Renewed
Part Six, Hope Renewed
As we reach the grove, a small group of wardens go deep into the heart of the most scared part of the grove to beseech the forest for aid. Whether or not it will be in time, we don’t know. The dark army is already on the horizon. Drakes soaring above with giant dragons leading them, spewing flames as they blot out the setting sun. The vast army shakes the ground. We feel there footsteps miles away. They will be here by daybreak.

We are ordered to get some rest as we will have no such luxury later once the battle commences. After some rest we are awoken to the sound of trumpets blowing, signaling us the time is nigh and we must make our final stand. We make our wall to the walls of the grove. As I reach the edge of the wall I peer out to see what we fight. I stand in amazement at the sheer size of the army; as far as the eye could see. Nothing but the figures of lizard men and the specials of ogres scattered about in the army. Large dragons too swooped down from above to rest on the ground, pushing the lesser beings to the side with several flaps of their wings.

I look around at the men on the walls; they seem terrified, ready to brake at any second. My uncle comes to look at the men. He sees the fear in their eyes, knowing that their time may come soon. He makes his way over to a box of supplies and calls the men over to him.

“Brothers and Sisters in arms, today we face our darkest hour. Today we face a foe that has gone unmatched. Today we face the greatest threat to the Elvin race we have ever known. But it is not today that we fall! It is not today that we give them this sacred grove. It is today that we show the fury of the elves! We will show them they cannot take another step farther in Elvin lands! it is today that we push back the darkness to which it came, never to be see the light of day again!” The soldiers all begin to call out their war chants, completely changing their expressions from before. You can see they are ready for battle; ready to win. All the rangers rush to the walls to take up defensive positions against the enemy. The blade masters ready themselves, sharpening their swords and giving prayers to the great lake before battle. As archers are fully positioned, the largest dragon in the enemy army lets out a large roar and spews flames. The enemy army begins to charge. Drakes take flight towards the walls. The rangers ready there blows as quickly as their hands would carry them. “Ready yourselves steady…steady” my Uncle says as he waits for the drakes to come into range.

“Fire firlos!” he shouts as they reach within range. A wall of Firlos crashes into the oncoming drakes. As they fall down they act as rocks, crushing the oncoming army below, smashing groups of lizard men. “Ready! Fire!” my Uncle says again as another wall of firlos crash into them, bringing their ranks to down to 2/3rd of their drakes. “Fire at will!” My uncle commands.

As he makes his way down the stairs to join the blade masters, a steady stream of arrows flies into the oncoming drakes. As they reach the walls they dive at the archers, plucking many of them off and tossing them. One lands beside me, sending the archer next to me flying down to the ground below. I take out my sword and quickly stab it in the side. It flips around bashing me with its tail, shattering my plate mail. I try to get myself to my feet as it charges. I put up my blade as it leaps towards me, stabbing it in the mouth. I pull my blade out as it screams in pain. I flip my blade around and stab it in the forehead.

I look around the walls as we are overrun by drakes. The commanding officer gives the order to retreat down the stairs to the groves main opening. The blade masters had already engaged the lizard men who were trickling threw a hole in the gate they had rammed open. The rangers take up position behind the wall of blade masters. The gate is fully destroyed and a wave of lizard men pour threw, quickly charging towards the wall of blade masters. They are met with a flurry of blows and quickly struck down. As more pour in, the blade masters are being pushed back. The rangers are ordered to move to the side tower to take aim. As they move in to soften up their ranks, a number of rangers move to the tower and begin firing. The blade masters, with the help of the rangers, begin to hold their ground against the green tide of lizard men and slowly push them back.

I make my way to Evelyn’s station on the west side near the tower, firing firlos as I go. A lizard man jumps me from behind as I quickly shoulder toss him to the ground and fire a firlos into his mask. By the time I approached Evelyn, we had nearly pushed the enemy to the gate. A huge fireball slams into the tower with the rangers inside, blowing it to pieces, sending me and a few others flying to the ground. Rubble showers upon the blade masters and lizard men below killing many friends and foes. In shell shock, I am brought to my feet by a blade master. He tries to say something I can’t make out, but a large part of the wall suddenly bursts open. A dragon crumbles it beneath its claws. As it approaches I franticly search for Evelyn. I find her under a pile of rubble, still alive.

“I’ll get you out of here, don’t worry!” a faint smile goes across her face as she points up above my shoulder. “You don’t have to lie.” I look behind and see the dragon closing in. right as it was about to breath fire, a volley of firlos fly into it, bouncing off its hard scales like they were tooth picks. It turns its gaze to the group who fired the firlos, incinerating them in an instant.

As it turns its gaze back towards me I ready myself for the worst, knowing I am no match for a dragon on my own. I hear large stomping sound that shakes the ground itself. The dragon looks over to the direction of the sound. A group of elder Ents make their way over.

“It’s the Ents! The Ents have come!” a soldier shouts in the battle as a newfound hope sweeps the battlefield. The dragon quickly takes to the sky. It flew over the Ents, shooting fireballs at them, destroying one. One of the others swats down the dragon, pulling it to the ground along with its hand, slamming it into the ground. The dragon lets out a scream as its ribcage brakes and its own fire spews from its belly, killing the dragon in a fiery explosion.

With the lead dragon dead the rest of the lizard army begins to become disorganized. The blade masters make quick work of the remainder of the enemies in the court yard of the grove. A group of wardens returned from the inner grove and quickly rush over to tend to the wounded. One magically moves the rocks and tends to Evelyn’s wounds. As the enemy army is pushed back to the outer walls, the rangers reposition on the walls to fire upon the retreating lizard men outside. The Ents swat down the remaining drakes who tried to attack the archers on the walls. The lizard men below in a state of panic as their comrades die around them, trying to scurry to what little cover is offered. The battle was won. We drove them out of the sacred grove.

Part Seven, Hero’s/Ending
after the battle for the grove, the dark armies’ strength could not recover and we drove them back to the rifts. Over the course of the coming months and after a long and anguished campaign, my group and Evelyn group returns to her home of Rivendale. Once destroyed had been mostly rebuilt as a new beacon of hope for the elves of Nhob' Ru.

“It’s good to be home. Nothing quite like it.” She said as we reached the gates. I think to myself of the home I had lost.

“Yeah. No place like it.” When we walked through the gates we saw the streets swarming with people, all cheering and praising the return of the heroes. The new council personally greets us and welcomes us as heroes. The people chant “Long live the heroes!” in the background. Walking through the streets, I look over to Evelyn and see her face flushed red with embarrassment, not expecting a welcome as grand as this. “No place like it.” I told her. She turns and smiled at me.

We are led to a banquet in honor of the returning troops. As we sing and dance the night away, we reminisce on our adventures together. I would later come to call this place home as well.


“Now look at the time. You three children should be heading back home. Your parents will be worried if you stay later than this.” They all let out an “aww” in unison.

“The girl in the story, is she the same lady of the house? Did you end up marrying her?”

“That’s another story for another time. We can’t tell all the stories at once now can we?”

“Common just one more! “

“No, no it’s time for you to go hurry along now.” The three of them get up and stretch. As they walk out of the front door of the manner, I make my way to the window to watch them leave, thinking of what good times we live in.

“Telling stories of your exploits?” a voice says from behind. I turn to her. “No. telling stories of our exploits, Evelyn.” She laughs and we go to the bedroom to call it a night.

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Good stuffs. Keep up the writing. I enjoy fantasy setting stories.

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this is going to be long prob up to part 6-7 so yeah they prob going to be just as long as prt 3 was trying to deside if i should try to shorten them or not to be more like the length of part 2 2560 words so far

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got a nother part done + over half of another just waiting on reviseing my bro is busy a lot this past few days so he hasint been able to help me i'll post as soon as i can ( bad at grammer so i have him revise for that)

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Looks good, but, being the LOTR fan I am, I question the use of Rivendale [similar to something else perhaps?]. Anyway, keep up the good work.

07-13-2010, 01:24 PM
its a place on the map i looked at for the elven realm on the fourms all the names i used are from that sept for the mining town which has no name but is somwhere to the west of serepha moota

07-13-2010, 02:42 PM
its a place on the map i looked at for the elven realm on the fourms all the names i used are from that sept for the mining town which has no name but is somwhere to the west of serepha moota

My bad... hmm strange that the devs should have a city with such a close name - I mean... it smacks of unoriginality. But, oh, well. I won't be picky. Keep up the good work!

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An epic tale in the making, Mikey :p

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that was excellent you've got to write more i definitely want to know how he gets his estate

was thinking about writeing more i had a lot of idea's at the time but just felt it was geting to long and no one would finish it. could of gone into how they push the armys back, how they end up falling in love, how he gets his estate ,reclaiming his home town, or beating the people pulling the strings behind the armys. probably going to write more now seeing as a few people have requested i elaborate more on the story.

MilwaukeeMac Great story with a good concept. You must be a roleplayer. I hope to meet you in - game. Keep up the good work.

yes i roleplayed a little in NWN (Neverwinter Nights) to kill some time a while back

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got a nother part done + over half of another just waiting on reviseing my bro is busy a lot this past few days so he hasint been able to help me i'll post as soon as i can ( bad at grammer so i have him revise for that)

Looks good, but, being the LOTR fan I am, I question the use of Rivendale [similar to something else perhaps?]. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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