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Henry Martin
05-29-2010, 01:19 AM
I got this article in a news letter from MMORPG.com. Just thought I might share it. Here (http://www.mmorpg.com/newsRoom.cfm/read/17092/utm_campaign/MMORPG%20News%20Alert%20Email/utm_source/MMORPG/utm_medium/email)

05-29-2010, 04:47 AM
Wauw, 44 million.:eek:
Thats big!

Josh Warner
05-29-2010, 09:31 AM
Eh, a bunch of keylogging isn't that bad. If you want bad look up the Bot Net.

Edit: That article is pretty light on the details.


Is the full article from symantec and is surprising. Turns out it is a real botnet trojan, gotta love bot nets.

05-29-2010, 06:41 PM
That's a lot of accounts, and somehow not surprising at all, in the case of WOW I know it brought a lot of non tech savvy users into the fold, and at the same time it's the very same game that's targeted more than any other. I know several people who have never played WOW but the most common spam they get in their inbox is about their WOW account that they don't have. Some are pretty slick too. I looked through a few that actually have good grammar, like 5 links to legitimate Blizzard/Activision sites then one fake link which reads something like blizzard.com and actually links to something else which is (naturally) the one you need to go fix your account at.

Beyond that I know a lot of people have become very reliant on cheat programs in their games, which is not only very sad but the cause of many hacked accounts. I think in the end people sharing accounts and getting stuff stolen is probably right up there with stuff like keyloggers stealing accounts though.