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03-15-2010, 04:56 PM
The orcs looked like daemons from hell itself. Three thousand strong, the Bigg Warg Band from the province of Walla Walla marched in step, feet crashing down accompanied by booming war drums mounted on their towering beasts. It was a symphony of hate, anger, and death. And it was having its intended effect

“Easy now,” Fenrir Swordsinger whispered to his horse, which was starting to turn between his legs. Elves were looking behind their shoulder… as if retreating was still an option, let alone desertion. Fenrir thought.

The fight didn’t look good for old Fenrir. This was the last battlefield that was least somewhat strategically plausible to him. Behind him was mud and swamps-natural territory for the Orc mob that was about to descend upon his army. In front was a relatively even gully, broken by two hills parallel to each other, and a scarce forest directly behind the hills. His troop of archers were supplemented with the only Ranger battalion that his queen could spare. His light Calvary was shaken from a previous fight, but the mounted archers and heavy lancer detachment were at the ready, and Fenrir bet on that striking some courage into them. Six units of pikes nearly stretched to both walls of the gully, with the Royal House Glaivemen protecting the flanks. A sword and shield platoon guarded the main body of archers on his line… Fenrir went through his setup mentally, gauging strengths when… The drums sped up.

The Orcs lost all semblance of sanity as their apparent signal was given. Any marching was given over for pure bloodlust. A guttural roar from their side was answered thousand fold. The mob rushed forward, screaming in their bloodlust; “Walla! Walla! Wallawallawallawalla! AIIIEEEE!” The grunt fodder had just hit the first of the dwarf-made mines the army had purchased a few days ago.

Smart one, Fenrir thought, referring to the commander. He knew that I had something up my sleeve; how he managed to hold back his heavies I have no idea… they always run ahead, those crazy armor loaded freaks of nature. Which reminds me.
“Sound signal,” Fenrir said to his telepath.

“Yesss sssirr.” Said the mage. White energy sheened off of it, until it pent up and released with one word. Fire! boomed through Fenrir’s mind. He shivered… he never got used to that.

Immediately, A thick swarm of arrows appeared from the reverse sides of the hills, with a significantly less uniform cloud from the forest. The two swarms pounded the grunt waves, but the odd shots from the forest flew past the grunts, and started nailing heavies in their vitals-every shot was a killing blow. Thank god for those rangers…two more shots and I’ll let the lancers and mounted archers have their go.

But the drum beat changed- it sped up significantly, sending the army into a frenzy. The entire body enemy infantry charged the middle ground with a howl. No! Fenrir thought. “Send the Calvary out now!” he said, keeping his voice calm. The light’s only mildly shaken, they’ll be fine…This orc is a tactical genius compared to all the others I’ve fought before. What IS this?!

The heavy lancers pounded towards the left most hill. The light Calvary and Mounted archers started towards the right most. Fenrir uneasily followed them with his eyes. Something’s wrong… The telepath felt it first. It summoned its powers as quickly as it could, but not fast enough. A red light shot out from the enemy command area, straight up, and then down onto the Light calvary. Oh no... Fenrir thought sadly. They immediately started to attack the Mounted Archers a second before Kill our light Calvary! They’re under their control!. The third wave of Foot archer arrows were already out, with the enemy nearly at the hill. There was nothing the hill archers could do but continue with the plan. The archers fell into the woods, behind the ranger battalion. The heavy Calvary sweeped into the enemy flank with full force, but lost their momentum in the mass of grunts. The horses were cut down almost immediately, but the knights survived. They pulled out their war staves, cutting down swaths of grunts until the Heavy Orc Wargband reached them. The Knights held out nobly, as their training told them, but the numbers of the grunts and pure brutish strength of the Heavy Orcs overwhelmed them, and they fell.

Damnit… that was three unnecessary losses. And my Calvary… He realized he had absolutely zero Calvary left in reserve. All that was left for his specialist units was his glaives and the rangers. And the enemy army had reached the woods… but they didn’t run into it…What in Gaias name…Oh no… Oh no... they’re surrounding it. I… I’ve totally underestimated my opponent.
Part two coming soon.

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Good read, keep up the good work! :)

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