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01-12-2010, 02:47 PM
*warning rant post, useless information to follow*

Having a old timer flashback today for some reason, if you have been around, I am sure you'll know theese titles, I'm again in love with the amiga after a weekend coding project at work:

Star Quest
Star glider 1&2
Star control 1&2
Starcommand (RIP SSI!!), dang this game hauled ass! Their Dragonlance games? *weeps* Who da heck do we have to kill in order to get a new decent Dragonlance game?!
Sword of Aragorn
Keef the Thief
The Beast
Turrican 1&2 (2, best platform shooter ever made?)
Power Monger
Eye of the Beholder
Gold Runner (don't fail now!)
Giana Sisters
Captive 1&2 (Want to talk about loot-wh0res? Try collecting 999,999,999 different items)
Xenon 1&2
Bards Tale
Dragon Wars
Dragons Breath
Carrier Command

(And, that Amiga game where you controlled a robot on a giant ship, and could take-over other AI's.)

*sigh* Innovation is sorely lacking nowadays... all about l33t grfx and effects, but most games are so very, very shallow. All of theese games would hold up to a remake, but it would be rather tricky capturing their depth.. I can't understand how computer game makers completely fail again and again to remake worlds that actually feel alive today, with all the options open to game makers.

I still fire up Dungeon Master, THE only game that has a Dungeon that actually feels alive and like it's working against you, and the game does it with a few very simple tricks, never again used.

Good tunes/tech demos to show what the Amiga could do, 4 channels of 8 bit, 192khz audio, Screamtracker :


Newer super optimized, this are pretty WOW actually, consider the hardware is almost 20 years old, if there is one link in this insane thread you want to click on, dont, click on this one:


And, this 7 mhz system could flawlessly render one thing that the PC still has problem doing, liquid metal in real time... Screw M$, and people for falling for marketting ploys! Figure that one out, a 7 mhz system that can do a whole slew of things better than our new quad cores 6 ghz super modern computers.. with a 2000 US $ grfx card..

And for folks with their 3000$ grfx card, this is from a very long time ago, without Mr Bill Gates, full memory required, 40kb, mostly developers can get this video though:


Did the wrong computer build type survive the marketting ploys, and did consumers get utterly and completely fooled a very, very, long time ago? Hell yes.

*end rant. 1E23*

This is just for the Dance Lovers:

64kb big... try to figure out how many of theese demos you can fit on your nice big BLUE RAY, because, now software developers don't really develop, they use tools.

4kb, assembler:


Think long and hard on that one.

Programmers using assembler, a lost art nowadays?

And, nevermind me, I'm one of those ol' Dinosaurs! :D

01-12-2010, 10:08 PM
that was quite the rant :p
and i think the music was pretty cool, and my freind was listening to the music next to me and started break dancing to the music :D

05-16-2011, 02:34 AM
OMG! you still fire up dungeon master!?!?! soo cool. How the hell did they put that on a 640 kb 3.5" disk? BRILLIANT!

Amazing RPG for the Apple 2GS.

It totally works against you, have you ever beat it. Heh I beat both the first and the sequal. The sequal came out for Sega CD. Beating the last guy is insane, at least it was for the time.
Second one was a piece of cake.

I like Pirates! too, that was addictive. World of Pirates is a MMO version of that game by a small developer in Germany. Check that out, you'll like that.

You forgot to mention Roadwar 2000, I know you played that.